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Brand ​​​​​​​Management​​​​
Build brands that make life better, from Day 1.
P&G invented brand management in 1931 to drive a single point of accountability for the brands that are at the center of our business model.

P&G Brand Management is one of the four Disciplines within the P&G Brand function, along with P&G Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK), P&G Communications, and P&G Design.

Together, our role is to build consumer-preferred brands that create value for consumers, customers, and shareholders. We achieve this through superior products, packaging, brand communication, retail execution, and consumer and customer value equation.

Often referred to as marketing in other companies, we think of brand management in broader terms. Here, you will actually create the brands themselves and oversee every aspect of their success, not just their marketing plans. Brand management at P&G means being a total business owner and having an entrepreneurial mindset that can transform a brand’s reputation with a man on a horse, build meaningful partnerships to protect the planet, and create the world’s first interactive ad for the Super Bowl. On top of all of this, you’ll be working for a company that was awarded Marketer of the Decade.

P&G is a forward-thinking powerhouse behind the largest, most influential brands around the globe. When you join the P&G Brand Management team, you’ll start out on your journey to becoming a master brand builder who can turn a seemingly simple bottle of shampoo into a household name with a loyal following of consumers all over the world. All from Day 1.


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