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P&G Brand Management is one of the four Disciplines within the P&G Brand function, along with P&G Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK), P&G Communications, and P&G Design. Together, our role is to build consumer-preferred brands that create value for consumers, customers, and shareholders. We achieve this through superior products, packaging, brand communication, retail execution, and consumer and customer value equation.

Often referred to as marketing in other companies, we think of brand management in broader terms. Here, you will actually create the brands themselves and oversee every aspect of their success, not just their marketing plans. Brand management at P&G means being a total business owner and having an entrepreneurial mindset that can transform a brand’s reputation with a man on a horse, build meaningful partnerships to protect the planet, and create the world’s first interactive ad for the Super Bowl. On top of all of this, you’ll be working for a company that was awarded Marketer of the Decade.

P&G is a forward-thinking powerhouse behind the largest, most influential brands around the globe. When you join the P&G Brand Management team, you’ll start out on your journey to becoming a master brand builder who can turn a seemingly simple bottle of shampoo into a household name with a loyal following of consumers all over the world. All from Day 1.



P&G Brand Management offers opportunities for people with all levels of experience, from undergraduates interested in a student program or internship, to recent graduates looking for an entry level position, to experienced professionals ready to join an industry leader.

No matter your role, level, or experience, you’re sure to receive real responsibility from your first day, make a meaningful impact on our business, and gain invaluable insight into building leading brands that will help kick-start your brand management career.


If you’re a current student studying for your first degree, you can gain experience with P&G Brand Management through our student programs and/or our internships.

  • Internships

    Our brand management internships will immerse you in the life of a P&G brand builder. These are far more robust than a traditional marketing internship. What you’ll see, do, and learn, as well as the brands you’ll work on, will vary greatly.

    View Open Brand Management Internships
  • Student Programs

    P&G student programs are a great option for students not yet ready for an internship but who are still looking for valuable insights and a unique experience. What you learn and do could set you up well for a later P&G internship—and from there, you could work your way up to P&G leadership.

    View Open Brand Management Student Programs

Early Careers

Recent graduates can apply for one of our internships to learn more about us and gain hands-on experience as a member of the P&G Brand Management team. But if you’re ready to join us full-time, you can choose to apply for one of our entry level roles instead.

View Open Brand Management Entry level Opportunities

Experienced Professionals

At P&G, we appreciate the knowledge, unique mastery, and fresh thinking that experienced hires like you can bring into the business. So if you have a strong background as a brand builder, we’d love to meet with you.

  • "I Was Trusted With Critical Work Right Off The Bat"

    Rhea Gajaria, Senior Brand Manager

    I have the opportunity to be a voice in how we execute our strategy to ultimately grow the Pampers brand across North America. As a 22-year-old, I didn’t think any task I would be given would truly impact the conversation of how we run the business. But it certainly does at P&G.

P&G invented brand management in 1931

To drive a single point of accountability for the brands that are at the center of our business model.

Our Innovative Approach To Brand Management

Innovation is key here. Through data-driven strategies, emerging technologies, and fresh thinking, we lead the vision and execution of touching and improving five billion lives daily. As true entrepreneurs, we work across functions and departments to identify consumer insights, pain points, and problems to solve, and create brand propositions to address those needs.

As your expertise, creativity, and forward-looking skills develop, you’ll help grow our brands and business, build loyalty with consumers, and help us reach consumers in new and different ways. Read on for exciting examples of how our innovative approach brought three of our biggest brands to life.

  • Keeping it cool with Ariel

    As a global citizen, P&G wants to protect the environment and is developing more and more products to help us all do that. As a P&G brand builder, you’ll spread the word and bring about change in our daily lives through meaningful collaborations and eye-opening campaigns, such as Every Degree Makes a Difference in partnership with National Geographic.

    See How
  • Lean innovation that leads to big results

    Pampers took its first steps into natural-positioned diapers with Pure in 2018. The result? Doubling the size of the segment and becoming the market leader within it! This is just one way that your brand management career at P&G will be different from anywhere else.

    Learn More
  • How much branding goes into a bottle of Old Spice?

    Brand Manager Omar Goff dives into the consumer research, packaging design, media planning, ad campaign, and media strategy that helped Old Spice win with an audience that wasn’t engaging with the brand. Watch to hear how and why it succeeded.

    Watch Video

Roles in Brand Management at P&G

P&G Brand Management roles vary by type of work, type of organization, level of experience, and the brand you will work on. However, what every role has in common is the promise of an exciting career that will offer you skills growth and development. As a brand builder at P&G, you'll experience true end-to-end ownership of your business and brand, build relationships with internal and external partners, and make a difference from Day 1 as a force for good and a force for growth.

  • Brand Manager

    • Learns and understands the fundamentals of brand building at P&G
    • Responsible for an important part of our business
    • Experience continual coaching and development from manager
  • Senior Brand Manager

    • Possesses an advanced degree and some relevant work experience
    • A passionate brand builder
    • A leader who “owns” his/her brand and drives business results
    • Someone who is passionate for winning with his/her brand
  • Brand Director

    • A personable leader
    • Achieves results through others
    • Builds organizational capability
    • A role model for principle-based behaviors
  • SENIOR BRAND Director

    • Embodies "the company"
    • A role model, teacher, and coach for others
    • Defines the long-term direction for the business and the organization
    • Assembles and builds a winning team
    • A leader of a multi-functional team
    • Creates big ideas
    • Moves quickly and make decisions on time
    • Accountable for the execution and has a strong eye for detail

Not what you had in mind?

Take a look at P&G Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK), P&G Communications, or P&G Design, where assignments range from consumer research to logo design and B2B communications. You could also consider a role in P&G Sales if you’re interested in working with customers to develop marketing strategies and merchandising solutions across multiple product lines.


Skills are essential to P&G Brand professionals because they enable us to increase our business impact and results in the best possible way. Our brand skills are future-focused with the intention of developing the best brand builders in the world. Throughout your career here, your skill growth will ensure you have the required mastery for us to win as individuals, a team, and a company. Skill development can be done in two ways:

  • Acquiring more in-depth knowledge and experience in a given skill by achieving higher proficiency levels

  • Acquiring new skills that have not been explored so far

We believe that diverse experiences on the job, in a variety of roles, will help you develop and hone your skills. When you join P&G Brand, you are joining a career, not one job. You will experience the different perspectives of brand management through a variety of assignments in different organization types that will deepen your expertise in a range of areas, including:

    • Brand Franchise Organization Develop mastery of brand equity management and upstream design
    • Regional Business Unit Develop go-to-market plans at the regional and local level
    • Brand Operations Learn the importance of execution excellence in brand building
    • Customer & Channel Marketing Gain valuable experience in the Sales environment
    • Corporate Function Gain deeper immersion into brand-building capability

Day In A Life

Every day for every member of the P&G Brand Management team is different, because every one of our brands is different. One day you could be naming a breakthrough product, and the next you could be working with our advertising partners on a TV commercial. One thing we can guarantee is that whatever the day brings, you’ll be supported by your colleagues, mentors, and managers and have ample opportunity to learn—these are important components to building our brands, as well as your career.

  • Chai, Assistant Brand Manager—Always

    From mentor and manager meetings, to business reporting, to calls with the global team, Chai’s days are full and varied as an ABM on the Always #EndPeriodPoverty and #LikeAGirl campaigns.

  • Mike, Brand Manager—P&G Ventures Team

    What goes into a day of building a billion-dollar brand? For Mike, it involves working with P&Gers from sales, PR, R&D, and more, as well as agency collaboration and even flights around the country!

Career Growth

The Brand Career Model centers around building skills most prevalent in entrepreneurs—because that’s what our brand builders are. Our model provides learning and development opportunities for all employees to grow and leverage their talents and interests to deliver exceptional business results and achieve personal success.

All P&G Brand employees initially develop technical skills, as well as some brand essential skills. Once you have these, the career journey you experience will be unique to you, based on your interests and the business needs. For example, you could decide to develop deep discipline mastery, focusing on becoming an expert on a few skills. You may instead prefer to focus your career on a series of entrepreneurial experiences, or choose roles that are more multidisciplinary and that span across different disciplines or even functions. Of course, your career may also lead you to building more breadth in a multitude of skills.

Ultimately, the Brand Career Model is about growth and impact—and growing your skills to be always key to delivering great business results. P&G Brand careers have no predefined paths, and each one is unique. With the support of your manager and through your own ambition, you’re sure to build a career that is personal, purposeful, and fulfilling.

  • Yurina’s Day 1

    As an Assistant Brand Manager in Japan, Yurina is entrusted with projects that not only affect the company’s bottom line, but the entire world. Watch to discover her story.

  • Yurina’s Day 1

    As an Assistant Brand Manager in Japan, Yurina is entrusted with projects that not only affect the company’s bottom line, but the entire world. Watch to discover her story.


P&G Brand Management is responsible for creating the brands themselves and overseeing every aspect of their success, while marketing focuses solely on individual campaigns and brand engagement of that brand.

The speed at which you move along your career path depends on many factors, including your role, level, experience, performance, and market and business needs. What we can promise you is a robust career plan and a commitment to your learning and development supported by your manager.

While it differs by market, experience, and role, P&G invests in hiring and retaining top talent, and thus offers highly competitive compensation and benefit packages.

What brand you work on will be determined by market and business needs. Your interests will be taken into consideration, but as you’ll be working on live projects that have a direct impact on the business, you won’t always be assigned to the brand of your choosing.


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