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Relocation Package

P&G Offers a Relocation Package for New Hires

If your current home or school is greater than 60 km away from your P&G placement location, you are eligible for relocation benefits*.  This policy applies only to in-country (domestic) relocation and does not cover those who reside outside of Canada at time of offer.
*Refer to your offer letter to determine if you are eligible for relocation benefits.
Lump Sum

Calculated to cover the cost of house hunting, temporary living, and your final move.
Movement of
Household Goods
You can use the Company-approved Household Goods Carrier for your move or move yourself and expense the charges as per below.
Split Couple
If you relocate ahead of the spouse/domestic partner and will be apart longer than 30 days, you may request for split couple arrangement
Relocation Package
for New Hires
We can connect you to a Cartus Relocation Expert if you have additional questions.  
There is no housing assistance provided for newly-hired employees.
Time Off
for Relocation
The Company will provide reasonable time away from work to move, including the time it takes for preparation and settlement in the destination location with no impact on salary or vacation.