Who We Are

We Want to Attract, Reward, Develop
and Retain The Finest People in the World.
Jon Moeller
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer

“We are one of the most personally and socially relevant companies on the planet. We interact with more consumers across the world on a given day than almost any other company. With that, comes a responsibility to serve and delight consumers, customers, employees, society and shareowners. I firmly believe if one piece is missing, we will not serve the rest – there is no opt out. ”


Learn more about our portfolio of 50+ brands that interact with over 5 billion consumers daily. For more, watch the short video here.


At P&G, we prioritize growing categories through our portfolio of daily use products where performance drives brand choice. Creating new business requires constructive disruption. Good thing for us, innovation is at the core of who we are. To learn more, click here. For more, watch this short video for innovation examples across the globe or listen to our Chief Brand Officer speak on the importance of innovation at P&G.


Without superior employees, we cannot deliver the superior products that enable us to be a superior company – full stop. Attracting and retaining the highest caliber employees requires a superior employee value equation. At P&G, we firmly believe that the success of the employee and the company our interdependent. To learn more about “P&G + Me”, click here.


We are a Force for Growth so that we can be a Force for Good. Our responsibilities as a company include being a positive force in the community for which we live and serve. To learn more about the impact we’ve made and the work still to be done, please click the following links – Community ImpactEquality and Inclusion, and Sustainability.


Being in business since 1837 does not happen by accident. It is the product of great people consistently delivering superior business results. To see this in action, look no further than the past four years. We have added more than $13 billion in annual sales and roughly $5 billion in after-tax profit – placing P&G in the top 87th and 91st percentile of the S&P 500, respectively. To learn more, click here.