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Gabriel Comeron - IT Manager, Intelligent Operations Program/Project Manager

I work in the Artificial Intelligence Engineering organization in the Warsaw Office, where we develop and implement solutions that will enable our organization to be on the cutting edge of how IT can be done. Data Science and Cloud Operations teams, among many others, benefit from the tools and platforms that we develop to make their day to day easier. My current role is Manager of the Intelligent Operations Program and I ensure that our various Data and Analytics teams will successfully implement the processes and Machine Learning powered tools that will enable them to perform at its best.

Since my #PGDay1, I was given a great amount of responsibility, which was a bit intimidating at first. Previously, I had not taken part in decisions that would impact tens or even hundreds of teams nor managed projects and budgets of such caliber. But with great support from managers and the talented colleagues with whom I work, the experience of facing the challenges of my role, has been a great personal growth experience. At P&G I feel empowered to make complicated decisions, and the trust and respect from all the people that work here creates an environment where even under pressure, I feel like I can bring out my best!