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You Join Us?

Why should you join us?

We provide a lot of benefits to all of our employees. See below for a sneak peak of them:

ISOP International Stock Ownership Plan
ISOP program is giving you the opportunity to save on a regular and long-term basis and to own P&G stock so you have share in the company’s success. You can invest up selected amount of your basic gross salary. To save your time, your deposits are automatically deducted from the payroll and used to purchase P&G stock on your behalf.

Employee Pension Plan
It is a form of saving for the employees’ pension purposes. P&G pays and funds the basic contribution on behalf of the members. The Contributions made under the Plan will be invested in investment sub funds. Purpose of this is to grow the accumulated funds to be used for additional pension payments.

Company shop
You will have an opportunity to buy P&G products on preferable prices. There is a company shop next to our General Office at Zabraniecka street, but also you can buy products online and ship to your place.

Medical plan
The purpose of medical plan is to facilitate access to prompt, reliable and quality medical care for our employees and their families. Therefore, the plan provides comprehensive services in different areas of medical care starting from general health care, full diagnostics, full range of specialists through hospitalization and many other services. There are different medical packages available and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Employee Assistant Program
It is a global P&G program for life coaching and assistance if you are dealing with a situation you find difficult to handle, often related to personal or family issues. EAP is fully confidential and calls are anonymous. There are 4 support areas: emotions, work, legal, finance.

Paternity Leave Policy: #Sharethecare
P&G aims at having a “share-the-care” culture in its organization. This is intended as a culture that truly enables both parents to take responsibility for childcare giving. It shifts the paradigm from considering care giving as a gender related responsibility (primary care giving commonly associated to the mother role) to affirming that childcare giving is gender unbiased. It recognizes that both parents carry equal responsibility and opportunity of giving care while handling career commitments.

This is just an example of some of our benefits, we also offer life insurance, multisport, lunch subsidies and much, much more.