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Customer Solutions

We support and grow P&G sales by transforming business processes into digital solutions. To achieve this, we use top industry CRM and B2B Cloud platforms and systems. With full ownership of the software development lifecycle, we have roles covering the full spectrum of IT work - from Product through Architecture up to Engineering including Operations. To ensure fast and top-quality development and operations, we leverage Agile and DevOps frameworks - operate in Scrum teams and push code through advanced CI/CD pipelines. We are fully hands-on, and upskill continuously with industry trainings and certifications - this is critical for our design, architecture, and coding work. With the size of the P&G business, we enjoy breaking technology barriers as we need to deliver scalable IT products that meet the needs of P&G's Sales teams across all continents in a way that ensures full code security and efficient code performance. Additionally, we partner with all other P&G IT teams in API based integrations with different P&G systems like order shipping billing or data lakes and AI factories.

Our Projects

Building innovative Instore execution with real time data

Retail X Modular is a modern tool for instore audits for Store Development Organizations across the globe. It creates a competitive advantage for P&G Store Development Organization with innovative technologies that maximize store performance, optimize field coverage investment, and increase sales store by store.  The project is a consequence of many Retail Execution implementations in different markets for the past 10 years. P&G's internal team has built domain knowledge and collected expectations across the markets that allows to build a customizable product that fulfils many of them. Rx Modular leverages industry leading technology of Salesforce Platform and P&G Salesforce CoE engagement. 

This allows us to build a quality and sustainable product that scales and allows the use of many off the shelf features. It enables and supports Citizen Development where local SDO organizations can extend the capabilities by self-organized and, in many cases, hands on development supported by CoE resources. RetailX Modular allows real time data from Instore Execution, enabling data oriented smart business decisions, raising the bar in terms of service provided by merchandising Agencies. Development process organized in Agile way allows to steer the focus on the areas bringing biggest value to Store Development Organizations. Rx Modular opens the door for business transformation to collect specific facts instead of full audit readings, triggering time saving in the field. The technologies used in this project included Azure as photo storage and middleware, API enabled Salesforce as backend, React Native as a base for cross platform mobile application. The key success of this project was a modularized product on a modern platform, that can be tailored to market needs and enables Business Intelligence or real time (or almost real time) data.

Our Stories

Angelo Pepe - IT Engineer, Senior Manager

I work as a Software Engineer and Application Manager of an application used for tracking everything that happen between P&G Sales reps and Healthcare professionals (Hospitals, Doctors, Pharmacies), including visits, orders, presentations. My responsibilities include the governance of tools that are used to produce final CRM improvements. I am also accountable of quality execution of the technical delivery. Challenges of every day are related to situation that are behind a software and application management, so for example maintain quality of product with new functionalities without impacting existing ones. The biggest impact that I see is enabling the application to final users in more than 25 markets. I see they are happy to use it and they do not find issues, enabling business processes that needs the application to be completed fast.
Karolina Bolesta - IT Manager, Customer Solutions

Karolina works in Customer Solutions Team in P&G's Warsaw Office. Check out what her day-to-day work looks like, and why she believes P&G is a best place to work.