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Human Resources Function - Human Resources Third Party Management Specialist

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  • 根据公司第三方管理标准工作流程执行针对第三方包括申请,批准,回顾等各阶段相关流程。Base one Company 3rd Party Management SOP to conduct 3rd party utilization each stage process, including request, approval, review, etc.

  • 同第三方和相关负责人进行日常评估,确定潜在风险点,并制定行动计划消除内部风险,并满足审计要求。Conduct on-going assessment with 3rd Party and P&G sponsor to define if there's potential site risk and design action plan to mitigate risk to ensure compliance requirement.
  • 协助员工关系经理执行内部员工内相关合规性流程操作。Assist site ER manager to conduct internal employee's compliance related process execution.

  1. Candidate must demonstrate excellent fast learning capability and be able to master the 3rd Party Management process and principle behind. 具备优秀的知识学习能力,能够快速掌握第三方管理相关流程体系以及背后的设计原则。
  2. Candidates must demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills and be able to work effectively to ensure 3rd Party Management SOP is on the ground. 具备良好的沟通能力,能够在和内部员工以及第三方合作过程中保证相关管理流程能够完全落地。
  3. Candidates must demonstrate excellent analysis and planning skill and is able to leverage expertise to define the potential risk and implement the action plan to mitigate risk.具备良好的评估分析和计划制定能力,能够利用专业知识去发现潜在风险并且实施行动计划来消除风险。
  4. Excellent attention to detail, basic verbal and written English skills are required. 高度注重细节,具备基本的英语听说读写能力。
level: Recent Grads / Entry Level type: Recent Grads / Entry Level Job locations:
Beijing Municipality, Chinese Mainland - Greater China
Job Type: Full-time Req No: RND00004199
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