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R&D-Associate Researcher-BJ

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-- 负责实验室日常的内务工作Responsible for daily work of the lab

-- 负责试验结果记录及文档处理,实验后对数据进行审核和追踪,对测试数据进行分析Responsible for recording and document processing of test results, auditing and tracking of data after the experiment, and analyzing test data
-- 负责测试工具及实验室设备的日常管理Responsible for daily management of test tools and lab equipment
-- 协助经理完成项目或实验相关工作Assist manager to complete project or experiment related work

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1. 学士学位,化学、生命科学、化学工程、生物化学、材料科学、机械工程或食品, 药品等相关专业。Bachelor's degree in chemistry, life sciences, chemical engineering, biochemistry, material science, mechanical engineering or food or drug related field.
2.专业基础知识扎实,学习能力和动手能力强。Solid academic performance. Strong learning and experimenting skills
3. 具备良好的观察和分析能力,善于解决问题。Observant and analytic. Good problem-solving skills.
4. 良好的中英文阅读,口头和书面沟通能力。Proficient in both spoken and written Chinese and English for business.
5. 热爱实验室工作,善于思考、动手能力、学习能力强。Love laboratory work, good at thinking, practical ability and strong learning ability
积极主动,能适应快速变化的团队工作。Be proactive and able to work in a fast-changing team.
Job locations:
Beijing, Beijing Municipality, Chinese Mainland - Greater China
Job Type: Full-time Req No: RND00004194
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