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研发部技术法规经理 (Scientist/Regulatory Affairs Manager)

Beijing, Chinese Mainland - Greater China

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Are you interested in innovating and making a difference while working for a global company? As an engineer in R&D, you will be involved in all stages of the design process, from conception to presentation of the finished plans. You will constantly be learning, growing, and improving as you find new ways to innovate and develop within your area.

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Procter and Gamble’s Global Product Stewardship(GPS) group at the Beijing Technical Center, PR. China has an immediate entry level opening for a Ph.D. level scientist as Regulatory Affairs Manager and Global Project Leader. The successful candidate will provide regulatory compliance assessment for all materials, initiatives and that there is an effective GPS program in place to support business activities (From consumer test to product launch). This work will occur in a technically challenging and globally diverse business environment. 该职位主要负责为公司提供技术合规分析,以支持新产品新配方新包装的研发和上市,保证产品合规且安全。该工作具技术挑战性,且包含全球多样化的商业环境。

Key responsibilities include:
The successful candidate will serve as GPS Project Leader for projects and products in consumer goods and Regulatory Affairs managers and ingredients/materials used in manufacture. The individual will be responsible for development of regulatory assessments and, as Project Leader, timely delivery of GPS assessments which include Regulatory, Human Safety and Environmental Safety to the project teams. This will require regular, effective and close collaboration with internal multifunctional team. Once on-boarded, other opportunities within Global GPS may be available.
  • 在产品开发的各个阶段,作为项目负责人,为项目团队提供针对原材料,产品配方及创新设计的技术合规分析,及人体风险和环境风险评估。
  • 与本部门以及宝洁内部其他相关职能部门建立良好紧密的合作沟通关系,包括产品设计团队,法规事务部、分析部门,质量控制部和对外关系部门等。

  1. A PhD in chemistry, biochemical, materials and other life science degrees will be considered.具博士学位,专业为化学,生物化学或其他生命科学相关专业优先。
  2. Ability to develop and explain overall GPS programs (regulatory, safety, sustainability) to multi-functional teams in a clear and concise manner is required. 迅速分析解读复杂信息,设计、执行,并清晰明确解读全球产品管理部相关项目的能力(产品法规,安全,可持续发展分析)
  3. Candidates must demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills and be able to work effectively in a global team environment. 具备优秀的团队合作精神和良好的沟通能力,能够在全球国际化团队中有效的工作。
  4. Excellent attention to detail, excellent verbal and written English skills are required. 高度注重细节,具备优秀的英语听说读写能力,在日常工作中能够用英语流畅的工作。
  5. Ability to quickly adapt to changing business priorities and communicate changed priorities to team members.能够适应环境的快速发展和不断变化,并对工作的优先顺序做出合理的区分和及时的调整,并保持项目组成员的高效沟通。
  6. Applicant is required to analyze and explain complex information. Experience with chemistry and biochemical is helpful.申请人须具备分析及解释复杂资料的能力,有化学和生化经验者优先。
  7. Candidates will need to be highly self-motivated and be able to operate independently. 具备独立工作的能力和优秀的领导力,能够自我激励并独当一面.

Please kindly input your name in both Chinese characters and Pinyin when you fill in the form. Thank you!


Location: Beijing, Chinese Mainland - Greater China

Job Id: RND00004184

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