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P&G facilitates your search via TalentBrew, a job matching tool developed by TMP Worldwide. TalentBrew uses the LinkedIn application to extract job relevant information from a user’s LinkedIn profile (name, email, city, experience, education, skills & endorsements, recommendations, accomplishments and interests). P&G processes your data pursuant to its Candidate Privacy Notice.

We use that information to run an automated keyword-based comparison against P&G’s job descriptions and then present our available roles sorted by order of relevancy to your qualifications. The encrypted user data is only cached within our servers for 24 hours to save time for returning users. We do not access, process or store this information except to provide the job matching service



Make a meaningful impact from day 1

P&G is one of the largest and fastest-growing consumer goods companies in the world. Serving over 8 billion consumers worldwide.

Saudi consumers were introduced to their first P&G brand, Tide, in 1956. Over five decades, demand and love for our products has grown, and we now sell a wide range of brands in the country, from Always and Pampers to Tide, Fairy, and Head & Shoulders.

Our status as an excellent employer has earned us the title of “Best Employer” (#3) by Aon Hewitt and “Employer of Choice” (#3) by Al-Eqtisadiah Newspaper & TeamOne Middle East three times each.



“What I saw in this place filed my heart with pleasure and admiration and increased my confidence in the people of our country that with God’s help; they will reach to the forefront in the march for progress and development. I pray to God to give them strength and perseverance and to make success their ally”.

The words of late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the inauguration of the Tide manufacturing plant.

The people of Saudi Arabia were first introduced to P&G products in 1956, when the country started to import Tide. Interest in the brand grew, which led to the opening of a manufacturing plant in Jeddah dedicated to producing Tide products. Shortly after this, we joined with our Saudi partner, Abu Dawood, to introduce more brands to the region and, in 1982, Modern Products Company was established in Jeddah to manufacture paper products. With the opening of P&G Gulf in Jebal Ali in 2003, P&G became a fully integrated and recognized company in the region. There is also a general office in Dubai.

Today, P&G’s brands are household names and are used in almost every home in the Arabian Peninsula. Many of these brands, including Pantene, SK-II, Always, Pampers, Fairy, Tide, Braun, and Oral-B are produced in the region itself in manufacturing facilities based in Jeddah and Dammam. We export $500 million worth of products produced in Saudi Arabia to more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe every year.

P&G has three locations in Saudi Arabia: A General Office in Jeddah, and plants in Jeddah and Dammam. Here, we directly employ 1,200 people, and support the employment of another 9,000 people at suppliers, distributors, and other business partners. Our status as an excellent employer has earned us the title of “Best Employer” (#3) by Aon Hewitt and “Employer of Choice” (#3) by Al-Eqtisadiah Newspaper & TeamOne Middle East three times each.

Our Locations:

Jeddah plant is located in 1st Industrial City, Phase 4, 31st street, Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. Where we produce Baby Care and Feminine Care Products.

Dammam Plant is located in 2nd Industrial city, 77th Street in 2nd Industrial City – Jubail Street, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Where we produce Hair Care, Fabric & Home Care Products.

Jeddah General Office is located in Alandalus District,  Tahliah Street, in Jameel Square Building, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


From Brand Managers to Engineers to Scientists and more, it takes a lot of very different people to bring our products to life—95,000, in fact! Every career area matters, every team makes an impact, and every single person does something that matters, from Day 1 and every day.





From Day 1, you'll help fulfill our purpose of improving lives in 180 countries through leading, billion-dollar brands. We always begin with the consumer in mind, and then we see how our brands can go beyond and help make life better for everyone, everywhere.