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“My team was so excited to bring my experience on board”

Alok Sinhasan, Information Security

I worked for a financial and insurance company for more than 10 years before joining P&G. I built a great team, oversaw some major projects, and turned IT there into a well-oiled machine. I accomplished what I set out to do, so I began to look for new challenges where I could use this experience—and the opportunity that P&G presented me with was one where I could do this and make a real difference.

A P&G recruiter contacted me and said they were looking for someone to build information security architecture from the ground up. This meant I would be able to have a large say in the team, processes, and procedures in order to help sail the ship in the right direction. This was perfect for me because while general IT companies are great, they usually already have their day-to-day operations set in stone. Whereas here I would be able to make a significant impact that I could actually see. 

I’ve been involved in a lot of discussions on how we can shape the IT resources and the team, from how we hire externally and what the process should be, to how we can retrain our internal workforce to do more hands-on technical work. The latter really excites me. I think it’s important for the team to be more hands-on and technically skilled, and I’m pleased P&G is invested in building that kind of workforce.

Info security is everywhere. It’s on our internal and external websites; it’s in our manufacturing  plants where we’re actually building our products; it’s in our labs where the R&D team uses it to create better and better products. Wherever someone is using an IT system, I’m making sure it’s safe. It keeps me motivated knowing that I’m making a positive difference to the company—to both the bottom line as well as overall IT security.