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Diverse groups of people working together get great results.

Sam Latif - IT Portfolio Manager

I chose to pursue a career in IT because I’m passionate about combining technology with a human touch to make improvements for individuals and businesses. I’m blind, and my life significantly changed when I was independently able to use a computer to read commands and documents aloud. It was then when I realized how empowering technology can be, and I became very keen to pursue my career in technology-enabled solutions.

I joined P&G 16 years ago. For my first project, I delivered an award-winning interactive e-marketing book that transformed the way we did business. The online system I designed streamlined the overall ordering process, allowing customers to place online orders for some of our biggest brands.  My aspiration is to become a world-class IT professional, recognised for being an expert in business transformation.

P&G recognises that the consumers we serve are diverse, and we want to reflect that diversity within our organization. We know that when you get diverse groups of people together, people who are talented and work productively with one another, we get great results. P&G values all their people, and I’m no different. I’m very confident if/ when I need an adjustment related to my disability, I will be accommodated.

My advice to others with disabilities is to manage your disability the best you can. Don’t be afraid to educate people along the way, and ask for help when you need it.  In my experience, managers don’t always know how to help, but the best managers work with you and ask you how they can accomplish goals together.