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Relocation Package

Intern/Co-Op Relocation Benefits - Highlights

This is an overview of the Procter & Gamble Intern/Co-op Relocation Program for U.S. Interns/Co-ops that qualify for relocation benefits.*  Your recruiting contact will confirm your eligibility to participate in the program. To receive these benefits, you must work with P&G’s Relocation Service Provider (Cartus) to plan and manage the move to your new location.  You will be contacted by a Relocation Consultant who will assist you throughout the process once your contingencies have been successfully completed and your placement confirmed.  Your consultant will send you relocation materials electronically fully detailing the Relocation Program. Below outlines the benefits:

Lump sum payment for transportation, temporary lodging, shipment of goods and housing subsidy

All US-based Interns/Co-ops are eligible to be considered for relocation benefits. Specific benefit eligibility is determined by the distance of the relocation. If your current or permanent address is more than 50 miles from your P&G location you will be provided a comprehensive lump sum payment.  The lump sum payment is calculated based upon travel distance from current housing location at the time of your P&G offer to destination location, as well as family size.  Depending on the relocation distance, the lump sum calculation may include:


  • Transportation (airfare or mileage) depending on relocation distance.
  • Airfare if distance between departure and destination cities is greater than 500 miles.
  • Mileage if distance between departure and destination cities is 51-500 miles. P&G pays the mileage rate as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the date of travel.
  • Rental car (if flying to destination location) and it is expected that the intern/co-op will arrive at the work location prior to the delivery of their car/motorcycle).
    Meal expenses for one round trip between departure and destination cities.

Temporary lodging

The standard rate for temporary lodging in a hotel at the beginning of the internship/co-op period while permanent lodging is being found if both current and secondary addresses are greater than 50 miles from the destination location.

Shipment of goods

Shipment of your personal belongings between departure and destination cities. Standard rate provided if the relocation distance is greater than 50 miles.

Housing subsidy

All Interns/Co-ops are provided a standard rate Housing Subsidy which can be used to subsidize the housing and living expenses during the work period.  This will not cover all housing costs; rather, it acts as a small subsidy to help offset costs.

Transportation subsidy (sales interns only)

Sales Interns will be provided with a transportation subsidy which can be used to subsidize their transportation expenses during the internship.

Car shipment

Roundtrip Car/Motorcycle shipment if distance between departure and destination cities is greater than 500 miles. The car/motorcycle requested for shipment must be owned by the intern/co-op or their parent/guardian. If the car/motorcycle is shipped to an address and the intern/co-op is not there to receive the vehicle, a waiver must be signed.

(All interns/co-ops relocation from Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii to work, who would be shipping a car/motorcycle, are eligible for a company-paid rental car. In this case, car rental arrangements must be made through a Cartus Relocation Consultant).