Be the link between leading brands 
​​​​​​​& 5bn consumers, from Day 1.
​​​​​​​Sales at P&G is business-critical, far-reaching, and ever-evolving. It’s the link between our innovative products, strategic marketing, customer partners, and consumers’ lives. Roles vary by brand, market, and season, but teams typically include sales account managers, sales administrators, and sales representatives at various levels.

From Day 1 on the team, you’ll work with our biggest customers, including Walmart, Tesco, Amazon, Alibaba, and Carrefour, to develop creative sales strategies to grow the business in an impactful and sustainable way. You’ll draw on our unparalleled depth and breadth of consumer data using innovative tools to develop smart, in-store marketing and merchandising solutions that present our brands in new and interesting ways. And you’ll combine these experiences with our world-class training to help you develop into a P&G leader.

P&G Sales professionals have a diverse range of responsibilities:
  • Product pitches and launches
  • Insights development using sophisticated analytical tools built by data scientists
  • Trade and promotion strategy design & execution
  • Market and category forecasting
  • Customer strategic relationship management & negotiation
  • In-market strategy management
  • Distribution, pricing, shelving, and merchandising analysis & strategic recommendations
  • Multifunctional team leadership
  • Promotional calendar management

Sales explained

Hear what our UK P&Gers have to say about the key objectives of P&G Sales, as well as the professional satisfaction that comes with being a part of the team.

The Fast-Moving, Varied World of P&G Sales

Watch Amanda’s day move from forecasting and display plans, to leading the development of long-term growth strategies with one of our key retail partners, Kroger.

A Day in Sales

Hear firsthand about the different roles and responsibilities of our Sales team, as well as the impact their work has on their customers, our business, and their careers.

My First Year in Sales

The first year is different for everyone. But don’t take it from us. Hear it from the professionals who have experienced the responsibility, impact, and growth that make P&G Sales unique.

From Day 1, I hit the ground running, crafting and presenting winning strategies to grow my category at my retailers. I was immediately exposed to assortment and shelf analytics, and began to grow as an expert on the subject. And that’s one of the great things about P&G: whether you joined the company straight out of school or as an experienced hire, you will always be challenged, learn, and grow here.


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