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Relocation Package

P&G Canada Intern and Co-Op Work Term Relocation Policy

This policy applies only to in-country (domestic) relocation and does not cover those who reside outside of Canada at the time of offer.

This is an overview of Procter & Gamble Canada’s Intern and Co-op Work Term Relocation Program for Canada-based students that qualify for relocation benefits. Please refer to your Offer Letter to confirm your eligibility to participate in the program or contact Talent Acquisition.

To receive these benefits, you are required to:
  1. Contact P&G’s Relocation Coordinator to start the process, after you have accepted your offer letter in Workday (email Kate at
  2. Work with P&G’s Relocation Service Provider (Cartus) to plan and manage the move to your new location. You will be contacted by a Cartus Relocation Consultant who will assist you throughout the process once your contingencies have been successfully completed and your placement confirmed. Your consultant will send you relocation materials electronically fully detailing the Relocation Program.

This policy is effective July 1, 2023 and applies to interns starting September 1, 2023 and onwards. Interns who started pre-September can reach out to for questions.

P&G Canada Intern and Co-Op Work Term Relocation

Lump sum payment overview

All Canada-based Interns/Co-ops are eligible to be considered for relocation benefits. Specific benefit eligibility is determined by the distance of the relocation. If your current or permanent address is more than 60 kilometers from your P&G location, you will be provided a comprehensive lump sum payment.  The lump sum payment is calculated based upon travel distance from current housing location at the time of your P&G offer to destination location, as well as family size. The lump sum payment will be deployed by Cartus up to 90 days before your start date.

Depending on the relocation distance, the lump sum calculation may include:

Home finding trip (One roundtrip)

  • Travel transportation (airfare or mileage) depending on relocation distance.
  • Rental Car or Rideshare Services (if flying to destination location)
  • Lodging Accommodations
  • Meal Expenses

Transportation to & from work location

  • Travel transportation (airfare or mileage) depending on relocation distance.
  • Lodging Accommodations
  • Meal Expenses

Moving of personal belongings

Shipment of your personal belongings between departure and destination cities. Standard flat rate provided if the relocation distance is greater than 60 kilometers.

Housing stipend

Provided with a Housing Stipend which can be used to subsidize the housing and living expenses during the work period, based on the duration of the initial work term. This will not cover all housing costs; rather, it acts as a small subsidy to help offset costs.

Parent or significant other visit

Applicable to interns who are graduating and eligible to be considered for a full-time, permanent role within the next calendar year.

Transportation standard rate for one round trip visit to and from the work location for the person who will be relocating with the new hire or who will influence the job decision. Travel must be within the boundaries of Canada.