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IT Solutions

IT Solutions is helping P&G win, grow and create value by providing a scaled and agile enterprise technology foundation. Our department includes Engineering and Operation teams for Network, Cloud and Edge Computing, as well as Platforms like SAP Basis, Data & Analytics, Databases, Webhosting, and Smart automation. We build, activate, and run digital products, services and data signals for Intelligent Operations. We scale and automate stewardship controls for P&G, for example by providing a single view of assets and relevant operational health metrics for our Organizational Units, and we optimize the services from IT vendors to P&G for value and innovation.

Our Projects

Switching from reactive monitoring into proactive observability
Spyglass Observability Platform is part of the Intelligent Operations service. It enables all P&G application teams to make their systems observable and run operations in a cheap, productive, and effective way, maximizing quality for business. The incentive to start this project was where teams were faced with a situation where they were running reactive operations, with lots of manual effort, and lengthy times to detect and identify incidents. The biggest challenge was where a culture change was needed - to both introduce new processes, a new way of thinking, and completely detach from legacy solutions if they didn't allow 10x improvement. This cutting-edge industry shift started a few years ago, and standards and approaches are still evolving. The skillset we learned along the way was related to modern IT operations - the switch from reactive monitoring into proactive observability which allows us to handle effectively the "unknowns". It enabled us to transform such areas as IT Service Operations, IT Platform Operations, DevOps processes.

Our stories

Agnieszka Milczak - Platform Engineer

In my current role, I work with Cloud technologies, and I am responsible for empowering the application teams to track their costs generated by cloud resources. My day-to-day work is a combination of project management, creating and developing new capabilities within the Cloud FinOps project, and cloud spending analysis and reporting. In one of my projects, I am responsible for the development and maintenance of a live cloud cost tracking report built in Microsoft Power BI service. Additionally, together with my team we are working on a new improved architecture for this solution, which will be enhanced with new functionalities. At the same time, I oversee the project roadmap, communication and status updates. On a daily basis, I work in a multicultural environment and connect with many different application teams from all over the world. At the same time, I learn something new every day, and by participating in various trainings I gain valuable knowledge, which I later translate into business projects.
Marta Kośla - Power BI Operations Manager, IT Solutions
​​​​​​​Marta works in Business Intelligence in P&G. Check out what her day-to-day work looks like, and why she believes P&G is a best place to work.