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Our Business Units

Specific business units work closely with business partners from Sales, Marketing and Research & Development to design and deliver IT solutions that are unique to each brand. Those teams not only leverage the best-in-class technology and tools but also innovation frameworks that can unlock new business models.

Health Care

In Oral Care IT, we have built an IT ecosystem supporting our family of Oral-B connected power toothbrushes, that collects brushing data through various sensors inside the brush and then sends this data over to a state-of-the-art IoT platform. We apply AI algorithms developed by P&G Research & Development to give our consumers guidance on how to brush better, and to collect insights for P&G teams on consumer brushing habits. 

In Personal Health Care, we invest in Sales CRM platforms to help manage the complex relationships between the patients (consumers), Health Care Professionals (doctors) and pharmacists, so that experts prescribe the right P&G health care products to the patient, while P&G ensures they are available on the pharmacy shelf.  We create digital experiences for consumers to educate them about their health, to understand their challenges and to give them advice to improve their lives – either by changing their habits, or by recommending the right P&G product, or consulting a professional. 

Compliance with the regulations of the pharmaceutical and dentistry industry is critically important in our work: our IT solutions are always built in a way that ensures 100% compliance, and we put a lot of focus to protect consumer data in our systems. 


We focus on the grooming business, which owns brands such as Gillette, Braun, Venus, and many more. On a day-to-day basis, we collaborate with business partners from various functions such as Product Supply, R&D, Marketing and Finance in delivering the data & analytics solutions required to grow the business.

The mission of the team is to solve key business challenges by driving value through data to serve Grooming products to consumers. Our team consists of Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Architects, UI/UX developers and Product Owner & Product Management roles.

Baby Care

Baby Care IT drives the digital transformation agenda. We have created a data-driven ecosystem supporting our state-of-the-art digital platforms to give our consumers information on our products, and to collect insights for P&G teams on consumer habits. In Baby Care, we invest in digital platforms to drive digital experiences to educate parents, understand their problems and give them advice to improve their lives – either by changing their habits, by recommending the right P&G product or by advising to consult a professional.

EUR Market Operations

We are a specialized team of Project & Program Managers foc true power of IT solutions in Europe, partnering with Sales, Brand and Finance teams. The team operates in across 20+ countries and cooperates with Sales across the region to enable right data & insights, right platforms, and applications, all in right place and time - focused to deliver superior P&G business results.

Our Projects

Health Care - Agile mindset to deliver Innovation for Oral B

Oral-B iO is the new generation of toothbrushes and an intelligent way to better brushing. The IT ecosystem includes IoT connectivity with various types of brushes, several AI algorithms to coach consumers on how to brush better, an IoT hub to collect and process sensor and consumer habits data, a brand-new mobile app for iOS and Android, and a new website with embedded eCommerce. 

It all started with the product innovation of the new Oral-B iO toothbrush, that needed to be supported by cutting-edge IT technologies to deliver the full experience of connected brushing. Oral-B iO is packed with technology that allows to track in which of the 16 zones in her mouth the consumer is brushing her teeth: position sensors in the brush send data over Bluetooth to an IoT platform that uses an AI-based algorithm to determine the current brushing zone. With the right coaching from the mobile app, the brush can help ensure enough time is spent in each zone! This technology is unique to P&G and developed internally by Research & Development and IT departments; making this new AI algorithm work with high accuracy was one of the biggest challenges of the project.  

Another challenge was to keep the balance between developing the "cool and fancy" features and "boring”, “foundational" features, when working in an Agile mode with a young startup-like development team. Oral-B mobile app can detect the type of brush that connects to it and apply the right algorithm to the brushing process - on top of the innovative iO algorithm, we also need to support all the previous versions of connected brushes with their own, “less fancy” algorithms.  

The team worked with technologies like native iOS / Android coding with Bluetooth libraries; AWS IoT stack; AWS, GCP and Azure cloud architectures and various components of it; ReactNative framework and Contentful CMS for website development; and BigCommerce platform for Direct-to-Consumer selling. The whole ecosystem connects to multiple P&G platforms, like Consumer 360 CRM data platform. 

Baby Care

DevOps has become an integral part of Agile Product Delivery competency of the lean enterprise. With growing needs to improve communication, integration, automation, and close cooperation among team members - having modern technical architecture, simplified processes as well as mindset growth is a key to success. With “Pampers Restage” transformation of legacy web platform into modern, cloud native and microservices-based architecture we’ve been able to achieve much faster deployment speeds, better agility, increased security and much higher degree of automation. We have moved away from legacy and computationally heavy virtual machines into completely new solution based mainly on PaaS components. New platform utilizes “JAM stack”, static site generation, headless CMS and modern web frameworks. Our feature delivery process is based on highly customized agile methodology based on Kanban. Overall transformation have been conducted with no disruption to the provided services.

Our Stories

Paulina Trzeciak - Global CRM Product Owner and Data Activation Leader - Health Care

I lead the evolution of CRM Capabilities for Sales Organization of 2000 people globally. My role is to identify how technology can empower our team to build superior relationships with doctors and pharmacists – reaching over 1 million customers. The main challenge is to keep IT and business strongly connected to define what new functionality will truly help Personal Health Care and P&G to grow results. One of the key priorities for me now is to figure out what analytics is needed to drive business decisions on sales strategies and bring it to life. I am leading the work on the algorithm for Route Planning optimization that can save up to 6 hours every week for our Sales Representatives. Once I define the strategy, I am responsible to establish plans and work with my IT team to implement them in the CRM Capability. New business needs keep appearing and we learn new things about the technology every day.
Malgorzata Baldachowska - Senior Product Manager - Grooming

My biggest challenge at work is to deliver valuable product that will be useful for end users by providing fast fulfilment data source for Grooming teams. What I like the most is that I can collaborate with cross-functional teams to define roadmaps and optimize management process flow. Nevertheless, at the end I can feel that I’m the owner of the product and prioritize it in line with a full support from my manager. Last but not least, I really like the idea of planning my growth, career and skills by getting professional learnings and ongoing guidance and support.
Przemek Jaworski - IT Director - Baby Care

When I joined P&G in 2019 as an experienced manager, my leaders and peers put a lot of confidence and a lot of trust in my abilities to transform global web platform, processes and people. From day one, I was given the responsibility to work on a world leading global brand. From the very beginning I felt I was bringing significant value to the table, leveraging technical expertise and management skills gathered over the years. I gained new skills in working with modern DevOps practices, tools and services offered by major cloud providers. It was possible through numerous trainings, industry certifications and on-the-job experience. The overall transformation program took two years and due to hard work of the whole team we achieved best in class results in terms of DevOps principles adoption, faster time-to-market and overall consumer satisfaction.
Dagmara Brylak-Kawecka - EU Program Manager - Market Operations

I am Europe Data Hub Program Manager leading strategic data activations across 20+ countries. I work with Sales and IT teams across the region to enable right data and insights, right platforms and applications, all in right place and time - focused to deliver superior P&G business results. This is what motivates me most. In my work I rely on modern IT cloud architecture as well as relevant methodologies and frameworks, including Agile DevOps & Scrum.