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Information Security

P&G Information Security provides a wide range of services to protect our Enterprise. We detect, protect and respond to cyber security threats and risks. We ensure that all Identities and Accesses are well governed, we keep our eyes open to Insider Risks and manage a set of practices and processes known as Integrated Risk Management. Starting from directory and cloud services, through single user accounts, network, social media and thousands of applications, hundreds of IT Security enthusiasts are constantly monitoring P&G IT Enterprise to protect our values and data. We are continuously evaluating our needs and addressing the gaps. We are also collaborating with top IT Security vendors to leverage the newest technologies and solutions. Most importantly, we are focused on the people. We cooperate with our employees to ensure that they choose a career path which meets their interests or areas of expertise in IT Security and, at the same time, brings value to the entire Company. As IT threats and security measures develop, we invest in the growth of our employees so that they are equipped with knowledge and tools to properly secure our IT resources.

Our Projects

Stronger security by consolidation of all environments into one
P&G has around multiple Active Directory forests. The aim of this project was to migrate all Active Directory dependent resources to one, flat and more secure forest. The project implements best security and hardening practices for Active Directory and replaces legacy domains. P&G implementation reflects the design principles as they existed when AD was first launched, which were valid at the time of implementation but are now increasing the overall support costs. Considering the number of Active Directory environments deployed, the AD Transformation project aimed to consolidate all these environments into a single but more secure implementation of AD red forest we simply call New AD. In addition to ensuring security within the Active Directory infrastructure, this consolidation simplifies the administration, which in turn reduces operational costs. New Active Directory is built based on Enhanced Security Administrative Model with Windows Server, AWS, Azure AD, Microsoft 365 and Intune. The skillset we learned throughout the project was managing tier 0 environments with dedicated Privileged Access Workstations, including Intune and Endpoint Management; Azure cloud monitoring and security: Defender for Endpoints and Defender for Identities.

Our stories

Areg Hakobyan - Senior Service Delivery Manager

​​​​​​​I am a member of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Team which plays a crucial role in protecting the Enterprise’s assets and enabling business. Our goal is to ensure that the right individuals can access the tools whenever they need to perform their tasks. In my role, I am directly responsible for managing solutions which handle user authentication, authorization and privileged access management processes. Additionally, I support the governance and implementation of System Access policies. They contain requirements and procedures for system owners and end users which guide them on security best practices. My role is challenging but, at the same time, very rewarding because it has a noticeable impact on the way P&G operates. It increases security level without adding complexity for our employees and consumers. Most importantly, I work in an environment with many experienced, skilled and supportive team members whom I learn from every day.
Gosia Słowińska - Ethical Hacker and Offensive Security Service Manager

​​​​​​​Gosia works in Information Security in P&G's Warsaw Office. Check out what her day-to-day work looks like, and why she believes P&G is a best place to work.