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Data and Analytics solutions are the engine of P&G's Integrated Growth Strategy. In the Data & Analytics Team, we continue to grow our Data Lake enterprise platform, refining our data pipeline and machine learning workbenches to create capabilities across all dimensions of our business. To achieve our goals, we use modern solutions such as Azure, Power BI, Databricks, Kubernetes, CI/CD tools. By leveraging several petabytes of internal and external data and by operationalizing AI into business processes, our software and data engineers and our data scientists work in multi-functional teams. The key focus is to drive irresistible superiority and ultimately delight our consumers. Our mission is to help other teams with crunching data which results in delivering state-of-the-art solutions. 

Our Projects

Europe Data Hub

In order for P&G to understand and best serve consumers, we needed to come up with a solution that would drive a data-enabled culture and operationalize algorithms into every major business decision. To achieve that, we needed to have all relevant data readily available and at hand for our analysts. We had to manage two variables which are equally important: performance and scale. The challenge was to scale the solution at a cost-effective rate. This project is the next milestone in the evolution from the traditional Data Warehousing to Data Lake and Data Hubs. Data signals that traditionally belonged to different organizations, now sat next to each other, enabled business insights that broke down silos and barriers in the way we thought about business problems. We achieved this using the latest innovations in cloud technology and thanks to close collaboration with technology partners. We supported the process with modern IT methodologies like Agile and DevOps to ensure quick value realization. The key success is that all legacy systems were moved to the cloud and reporting was fully democratized and automated for faster analysis and decision making.

Our stories

Gabriel Comeron - IT Manager, Intelligent Operations Program/Project Manager
​​​​​​​I work in the Artificial Intelligence Engineering organization in the Warsaw Office, where we develop and implement solutions that will enable our organization to be on the cutting edge of how IT can be done. Data Science and Cloud Operations teams, among many others, benefit from the tools and platforms that we develop to make their day to day easier. My current role is Manager of the Intelligent Operations Program and I ensure that our various Data and Analytics teams will successfully implement the processes and Machine Learning powered tools that will enable them to perform at its best.

Since my #PGDay1, I was given a great amount of responsibility, which was a bit intimidating at first. Previously, I had not taken part in decisions that would impact tens or even hundreds of teams nor managed projects and budgets of such caliber. But with great support from managers and the talented colleagues with whom I work, the experience of facing the challenges of my role, has been a great personal growth experience. At P&G I feel empowered to make complicated decisions, and the trust and respect from all the people that work here creates an environment where even under pressure, I feel like I can bring out my best!

Leandro Lima - IT Director – EU Data Hubs Engineer

At Procter & Gamble every day is different and dynamic for me. As an IT Director, I’m responsible for enabling the Business Units at P&G to make fast and accurate decisions in a user friendly and self-service way, leveraging platforms and application developed by my team. Beyond delivering such solutions, I’m also responsible for guaranteeing that Software Development and DevOps teams are capable to quickly react to the company needs and able to deliver changes and new solution in a time and cost-effective manner, following industry standards and best practices regarding to Cloud and DevOps practices.

Due to the variety of regions that I work with and the challenges faced by multiple business teams, I’m constantly partnering with them to understand their needs and requirements, to offer the right solution and enable the company to move to the right direction on a global scale. Such dynamic and iterations with business partners allow me to learn new things every day on both, technology and business side.
Hanna Vardamatskaya - Product Owner, Data & Analytics

Hanna works in Master Data Management Team in P&G's Warsaw Office. Check out what her day-to-day work looks like, and why she believes P&G is a best place to work.
Michał Winiewicz - Data Quality Manager, Data & Analytics

Michał works as a Global Data Management Leader in P&G. Check out what his day-to-day work looks like, and why he believes P&G is a best place to work.
Janusz Nowak - DevOps Technical Leader, Data & Analytics

Janusz drives DevOps transformation in our IT Hub in Warsaw.  Check out what his day-to-day work looks like, and why he believes P&G is a best place to work.