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Supply Chain

As Supply Chain, we are responsible for the systems required to convert material or new packaging ideas into an actual product coming off the manufacturing line and deliver the cases to the customer and/or consumer in any given market, in a volume responding to the market needs. Our experts are working with the applications which digitize chemical formulations, assembly designs, electronic components, specification of the process controls and equipment, modelling and simulations associated with those products, definition and testing of the quality targets of our products and execution of the manufacturing process. We build data-driven platforms to automatically forecast volumes, instruct our Plants what to produce and when, take orders, get customers to pay invoices, operate warehouses and ship goods with the most optimal transportation. Our mission is to enable our technical partners to operate in an environment that is cyber secure, compliant, guarantees data integrity while also leveraging automation and AI to enhance the productivity of our workforce, decrease our total delivered cost and accelerate our go-to-market time. P&G’s supply chain excellence has been continuously externally recognized by Gartner, a leading industry consulting firm, with our company earning the distinction of being one of five supply chain ‘Masters’. This is in large part due to our robust portfolio of IT solutions and shared services digitizing the supply chain end-to-end. 

Our Projects

Challenging predictions
A significant part of our Sales volume is promotion driven – ‘buy two, get one free’, bundle pack here, discount there. Because of this, an accurate Sales forecast is not easy to do, especially when you have a few hundred thousand products to sell across the world. Forget moving averages, bye-bye statistical models. To improve accuracy, we employ a set of Machine Learning models – feed them with the past events and train them to predict the future accurately. (Sometimes modifying the past a bit if need be, just do not tell the models, please). The key is not to achieve an accuracy level once but to sustain it.

Last couple of years have been full of surprises. COVID and Brexit just to name two. Customers were inventing new promo ideas, competitors were racing to win scarce market shares. The only constant thing is change, so the model is never complete. With Python as our weapon of choice and Azure for compute and persistence, we run customer centric ETLs at scale, train models weekly, predict, predict, predict and feed output to ever-more advanced supply systems – keeping P&G Supply Chain "best in class". Sustained excellence. 

Our stories

Tripti Sharma - Software Engineer

I am a part of an Engineering Team where we develop intelligent automations for various "order to cash" processes. One of the many reasons I like P&G is the fact that a tremendous effort is put on the growth of an individual. I have been motivated to pursue not only project related work but also to participate in various site level initiatives like Tech summits, volunteering work etc. In such a short time span, I was provided with numerous opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills like certification for PEGA architect, DevOps training and UX training/certification for designing applications. A lot of emphasis is given to business domain knowledge as well which is equally important as technical expertise. At P&G, with the help of talented and extremely cooperative colleagues, I feel confident in making complex and critical decisions and I truly believe I will continue to learn new things every day. 
Dominika Sulgostowska - IT Manager, Supply Chain
Dominika works in the Supply Chain Planning Team in P&G's Warsaw Office. Check out what her day-to-day work looks like, and why she believes P&G is a best place to work.
Gosia Dumieńska - IT Director, Supply Chain

Gosia leads Global Real-Time Data Service in P&G. Check out what her day-to-day work looks like, and why she believes P&G is a best place to work.