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Professional training and development
Having previous experience is not mandatory when applying to P&G. You will learn the job skills through a comprehensive on-boarding program,  hands-on learning by shadowing a peer buddy and on-going support from the team manager.
Friendly work environment
We believe people thrive in a supportive and collaborative work environment and this is what we are fostering at P&G. Therefore, we look to hire people with the same profile – supportive with colleagues, treating others well and partnering for the team’s success.
Clear path for advancement

In P&G, the higher level management positions are filled with people promoted from within the company. This is an important global rule for us and it creates many career growth opportunities for our people.

Market success & Prestige
The P&G brands are of high quality and have a great reputation globally. We make an impact by ensuring that these superior products reach our consumers, to ensure they enjoy the best experience when using them.

Hear from our employees

Bianca’s #PGDay1 inspired her to achieve higher goals. From the very beginning, team leaders helped her develop not only professionally but also personally. Together we create the perfect environment to enable growth and integration in the organization. Once you join P&G, you can expect guidance through daily responsibilities and big projects.
Claudiu's P&G journey has been a continuous and enriching learning experience. From his initial role as a Key Account Manager to his current position as Senior E-Commerce Manager, he emphasizes that the company values professional development and actively supports it from #PGDay1. Engaging in a variety of training programs Claudiu has not only honed his existing skills but also acquired new ones. This unwavering commitment to professional growth enhances Claudiu's current role and positions him for future success. Claudiu proudly asserts that P&G is not just a workplace but a launchpad for long-term success.
Stefania sources packaging materials for two of our most recognized brands. As our Contract Execution and Price Management Expert, she directly impacts the production of our goods, the relationship with top external business partners, and the life of our consumers.
From her #PGDay1, she remembers walking through shop aisles, seeing products she works with on shelves, and feeling proud to be part of the process.
Four years ago, Vlad joined the P&G team. What he thought would be a job-centered journey transformed into the discovery of a community and a genuine sense of belonging. We strive to create a friendly work environment by emphasizing collaboration and teamwork. In that way, everyone is approachable, eager to share their knowledge, and rooting for each others’ success from #PGDay1.

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