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The P&G ReLaunch program is a career relaunch opportunity featuring roles that will offer meaningful work, support from managers, visibility to leadership, and opportunities to further your career. Current roles that we are looking for are in STEM fields with a focus on Information Technology (IT).

Program Overview

What is it?

A program to welcome back talented professionals who took a break from the workforce - such as to care for children - and are looking to restart their careers.

Where is it?

P&G's STEM ReLaunch program offers roles across the World. If you're located in the US, Germany, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Philippines, Egypt or Singapore and looking to ReLaunch your career in a STEM field, we may have a role for you! We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our program so continue to check back for additional opportunities to be posted.

When can I apply?

Applications are open NOW, and continue to be posted and filled on a rolling basis.

What does the program look like?

The program has 4 key components:
  • Work! Our intention is to hire directly into a role. We understand this will be a life adjustment and will have touch points throughout the onboarding period to stay in touch with your ReLaunch experience. As you onboard, if this is something that is not working for you, we understand! - no questions, no risks!
  • Training! We will provide training sessions as you onboard that are designed to help you transition back into the work environment.
  • Network! We will focus on broadening a ReLauncher’s professional network. You will meet and interact with employees within our own business area as well as with other reLaunch participants. We plan to provide a variety of networking events and speaker sessions, to enable building relationships throughout P&G.
  • Support and Mentorship! We will provide you with a support network as you onboard to your role, including a buddy for guidance on day to day tasks, and a senior mentor who can provide career advice and help to navigate the organization.

Why should you ReLaunch with P&G?

It gives you an opportunity to find out if you are ready to re-enter the workforce with the flexibility needed as you transition back into the workforce. Through this program, you will gain insights into different business areas and have the chance to build a network that you can leverage for career development.


"When I began this program, I felt seen, appreciated and passionate about ensuring the continued success of this program and P&G as a whole."
Tracy Sandefur, Successful ReLauncher

“I made a conscious choice to step out of the workforce in the middle of my career to care for my young children. It was absolutely the right choice for my family and immensely rewarding personally. However, for me, and so many women like me, returning to the workforce is challenging. This program recognizes a pool of talent that is untapped, skilled, and ready to get back to work.”
"I am thankful to this Relaunch program and P&G for giving me a second opportunity in my career."
Virna Viacava, Successful ReLauncher

“I was ecstatic about the opportunity as it was/is a great initiative for women like me, to reactivate our professional activity after taking time off to meet family needs or any other personal reason. After a month on the job, I can confirm that the adapting process for me and my whole family has been challenging, but the satisfaction of doing something for myself again and learning new things in a great company like P&G have been more than fulfilling."
"Blessed to be part of the ReLaunch program where I was given the opportunity to re-explore, improve and thrive in the corporate world again."
Karla Teh, Successful ReLauncher

"The company assured me that making time to get married and having kids is not a setback nor a hindrance to thrive in the industry. Being true not only to how we touch and improve lives through our products, it gives that sense of culture, value and appreciation to each and every individual in the company."
"P&G not only trusted me but is also facilitating me to build a strong career ahead."
Srishti Dubey, Successful ReLauncher

"Two years ago, due to an unfortunate medical emergency, I had to quit the workforce. After a career break of about a year, I took it as an opportunity to fulfill my long lived dream of pursuing an MBA and took admission in SPJIMR, Mumbai. It is then when I got a chance to intern with P&G which ultimately converted to full time employment. I will forever be obliged to P&G for showing a strong belief in me and many other women like me who strive hard for opportunities in the job market to be able to prove themselves. P&G not only trusted me but is also facilitating me to build a strong career ahead."
"The ReLaunch program is an amazing opportunity for experienced people who have a break in their IT career and are willing to start working again!"
Banu Sari, Successful ReLauncher
“I was very excited when I first read the Relaunch-IT program ad to see how it matched my expectations and provided many growth opportunities. After being 6 months in the company, I'm so grateful for the support I’ve had from my manager and my colleagues.

​​​​​​​I'm thrilled to be a part of the P&G DACH team with top-quality colleagues in a challenging and multinational environment where leadership and culture empower every employee to create more and make a greater impact every day."
"Thankful for the Relaunch Program @ P&G that acknowledges and appreciates my experience and skills, despite my career break"
Binita Varghese, Successful ReLauncher

“A concious decision for what I felt was right for my family resulted in a break in my career. While I got the time to explore my strengths and upskill, it was a challenge to find my way back to work when I was ready.
The Relaunch program at P&G has given me the perfect opportunity and platform by recognizing my skills and experiences. Another aspect that helps my confidence is that the program acknowledges the gaps I have and supports me with relevant onboarding, trainings, and connects.”

Eligibility - Who is it for?

Keeping and supporting women in technology is important to us. Every year, several women and men take a break from their careers to take care of their loved ones. When they attempt to return to work, there are limited opportunities to regain full-employment. If you've experienced this, the STEM ReLaunch Program is for you and we strongly encourage you to apply!

Ultimately, we are looking for an experienced professional with an interest in the consumer goods industry, along with an academic degree that is planning to re-enter the workforce. To be eligible for consideration in the STEM ReLaunch program, candidates must currently be under-employed or unemployed with an absence from the workforce of at least 2 years.

Examples of reasons for a 2 year absence could include:

  • Staying home to raise your family
  • Taking needed time off to provide personal care for a loved one
  • Necessary sabbatical from the workforce for personal reasons
  • Unemployed or underemployed due to spousal relocation

Expectation is to regularly be in the office during core working hours as set by your work team.

Application Process

STEP 1: Submit your application online here
STEP 2: Take our online assessment through the link you receive from us. For info on what to expect, visit our hiring process.
STEP 3: You'll be invited for 2 interviews

Available Roles
​​​​​​​To Apply To

Roles Available In
​​​​​​​United States

P&G has been proud to call Cincinnati, OH home to its World Headquarters since 1837. The city of just under 300,000 people is filled with opportunities for both young professionals and families, offering affordable living with access to world-class arts, culture, parks, and entertainment.

In addition to our Cincinnati-based headquarters, P&G also has locations around the country!

Click below to view available STEM Relaunch opportunities in United States

Roles Available In Kronberg & Schwalbach, Germany

We often have roles available in both our Kronberg and Schwalbach Offices.

P&G Kronberg is a research center for hair removal, epilation and oral care. It is P&G’s Global Device Center and production site for cutting pieces and plastic grafting. The plant manufactures shaver cutting systems for all Braun razors using state-of-the-art High-Tech control and production technology.

P&G Schwalbach is the German Headquarters and General Offices for Germany.

Click below to view all available STEM Relaunch opportunities in Kronberg & Schwalbach, Germany

Information Technology Manager 

Roles Available In Costa Rica

P&G´s history in Costa Rica started in 1995 with the acquisition of Richardson Vicks. In the following years, P&G introduced global brands to the Costa Rican market starting with Ariel, Pantene, and Head & Shoulders, among others.

In 1999, P&G expanded its footprint in the country and established one of its 3 Global Business Service Centers in Costa Rica. Today, P&G is one of the most valued employers and respected consumer goods companies in Costa Rica. Our products are used in the majority of the Costa Rican homes.

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Check back soon for more information!

Roles Available In Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa

In our Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, P&G serves over half the world’s consumers. Our growing region is home to some of the world’s most diverse groups of consumers, and we take pride in our ability to serve their evolving needs.

Here we are committed to stepping up as a #ForceforGood and a #ForceforGrowth every day. We believe in the power of our people and our brands to #LeadWithLove and we are focused on building a more equal and inclusive world, protecting our planet and supporting our communities where they need us most.

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