Fuel profitable growth ​​​​​​​and winning
​​​​​​​supply solutions, from Day 1.
​​​​​​​Our teams of engineers are focused on innovation: advanced robotics, control systems, mobile vehicles, and automated warehousing. They drive innovation and make the visionary link between what is needed and what is possible.

Engineering is a global, diverse technical community that drives innovation by making the visionary link between what is needed and what is possible. Here, you’ll use your deep technical knowledge and leading-edge tools to improve the capability of systems to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Responsibilities within P&G Engineering include:
  • Leading the startup of production factories
  • Building custom machinery
  • Maintaining sophisticated equipment
  • Sourcing new technology to meet specific technological requirements
  • Packaging prototyping
Theresa, Process Engineer

My role is to continually optimize my machine, which includes several different technologies: a robotic arm, a welding station, and different vision systems. The overall aim of my role is to reduce losses through technical improvements, and, in my first month, I was part of a €60,000 loss elimination project.

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