Costa Rica

Costa Rica Internship Program

For the last 180 years, P&G has put the consumer at the center of everything we do.  Every day, we work to improve people's lives in small but meaningful ways with our brands and products.  We lead thinking that shapes the future of our industry and are recognized as one of the world's most innovative companies.  We are home of some of the most trusted brands such as Pantene, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Secret, Herbal Essences and Oral-B, serving 5 billion consumers globally.

Why P&G? 

We offer opportunities for people of almost every skill set. From Brand Managers to Engineers, Scientists and more, it takes a lot of very different people to bring our 95,000 products to life! Every career area matters, every team makes an impact, and every single person does something that matters, from Day 1 and every day.
P&G is driven to make life better - not just within the company, but out in the wider world. From Day 1, we've been committed to doing the best by each other - our employees, our consumers and all the people around the world. Click HERE to learn about our ethics & corporate responsibility, community impact, diversity & inclusion, gender equality and environmental sustainability strategy.


Application Process

Did You Know?

"P&G was  my first job. In one year I have had the opportunity to work in many markets such as Brazil, Mexico, USA and Colombia.  My best experience as intern was to visit Brazil on a business travel to reapply my work."

​​​​​​​Allan Huertas, Financial Solutions Application Intern

"P&G made me believe that my job matters. Since day1 I have been learning new technical skills and also other abilities. I truly know I have become a better and more responsible person. "

Jeffrie Saenz, Financial Solutions Application Intern

"My first day at P&G was in fact my first day at a formal job. I was about to conclude my university studies and was a little bit nervous about how big would the job be for me, an ordinary TEC student. I was late for 15 minutes, but this was the first takeaway that shaped the whole outlook of the company: flexibility and trust. As soon as I arrived, I explained the reason of the delay and they trusted and accepted the apologize.

My first assignment was to consolidate the Master Plan of Finished Product Codes (FPCs) across categories. To do that, I had to align with each category leader (manager) the number of codes to be created. It was a really challenge first assignment since it required strategy, negotiation, communication among other skills, without extensive knowledge of the business. I enjoyed the assignment and appreciated the trust the company had on me as a new hired intern. Concluding my university career was definitely my priority and always had full support from my manager and the company to achieve that. I quickly realized that P&G and I could align our priorities and interests in a win-win relation and that’s why I got in love with this company. "

Jose Fernandez, Initiatives Master Data Operations (IMDO) Process Leader