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Deliver business results
that create value for all, from Day 1.
P&G Finance and Accounting (F&A) is pivotal to the sustainable growth of our company and the delivery of leadership levels of shareholder value. Our professionals make a significant impact on our leading global business by developing new models and systems, undertaking critical financial reporting, supporting major initiatives such as Special Olympics sponsorship, and so much more. As a member of this world-class team, you’ll be given early responsibility with the freedom to choose and lead your own projects and identify business growth opportunities, which will develop your financial expertise and leadership skills.

F&A is central to business operations across the company and around the world in many ways:
  • Playing a leadership role in strategy-setting and business planning
  • Supporting major projects and initiatives management
  • Developing new models and systems development to improve productivity of our operation and financial reporting
  • Delivering year-on-year external filings
  • Driving and executing with excellence through P&G's Irresistible Superiority Strategy
  • Ensuring excellent reputation and credibility of our company

Whether you join as an undergraduate on an internship or student program, in an entry-level financial analyst role, or as part of a senior management team, you’ll be a key contributor to our success while building a meaningful career. All from Day 1.

Famatta - Finance & Accounting

Learn about the types of projects you could work on, meet the people you could be joining, and hear about the impact you can make at F&A at P&G — all from Day 1.

Finance & Accounting at P&G UKI

Hear about an area of finance that might surprise you, and see how the impact of P&G Finance & Accounting touches events and projects all over the world.

Even from the start, we’re trusted to think outside the box. There’s always an incentive to do things differently and look for fresh solutions. Even though it’s hard to talk about innovation in compliance areas, we always look for opportunities to simplify or change the way we do things, always respecting the law. Looking at challenges from different perspectives, delivering meaningful results, and being recognized for your efforts are just some of the reasons I enjoy coming to work every day.

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