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5 Technological Professions with a Long Future

It’s difficult to find a reason why you shouldn’t try to find a career related to technology, especially when we consider that it is already present in everything we do, from professionally in our companies to our personal lives as consumers. The technical revolution from the last few decades has considerably changed the business and cultural world. Currently we live in an “application economy” as a result of the amount of technology and mobility that surrounds us with our smartphone applications that we depend on for everything from mobile banking to health monitoring.

The forecasted growth of employment in the technology industry is much stronger than that of other industries. Although we looked at what the most “in demand” technological positions are nowadays, lets take a look at the future.

Programmer and Internet analyst

In a world where the majority of homes and cities, as well as their devices, are connected to the web, professionals capable of designing, understanding, and interpreting information from those systems will be imperative.

Data scientist

These are people with knowledge of programming and analysis, statistics, and math, with enough technological skills to be able to rely on technology to carry out their work in a more efficient and productive manner. Their role in the company is to work with data that companies produce, and combine this with any external indicators to predict future events, both in the company as well as in the general markets, to ensure that correct decisions are made.

Cybersecurity specialist

With each technological advance comes the implied addition of more security risks. Therefore, cybersecurity will continue to be a growing sector. In this sense, each country will have its own specific regulations on top of international regulations, which will ensure that professionals with an advanced technological background, capable of nullifying new threats posed to both technology and people, will be in demand.

Robotic and artificial intelligence.

As we have already seen, the speed of these advances in robotic and artificial intelligence will change the labor market, replacing humans to a large extent in more mechanical processes and tasks. Professionals who develop these “humanized machines” will need engineering and computer training.

Expert in 3D printing 

3D printing will become as relevant and fundamental in the future as artificial intelligence and robotics will be. 3D printers must possess creative skills with the ability to improve the profitability and applicability of models, and also have computer skills and knowledge of 3D printing tools.

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