Supply Chain
& Logistics​​​​​​

Move some of the best brands
around the world, from Day 1.
P&G Supply Chain & Logistics is a global business area. Here, we continually innovate best practices and technology, plan the demand and supply for markets, work with big data, design innovative algorithms, and create the physical design of our supply networks across the world.

There are five areas to choose from within P&G Supply Chain & Logistics: Supply Planning, Business Connect, End-to-End Initiative Delivery, Physical Distribution & Warehousing, Customer Collaboration.

P&G Purchasing professionals leverage their skills in strategy, relationship management, analytics, material supply management, and execution to continuously drive value for our brands. Our most effective leaders have a healthy balance of sourcing and supply mastery, and a breadth of experience across materials, services, and industries. A career here will develop your ability to be a business leader and create opportunities for assignments across many functions throughout the company. 

Aston, Supply Chain Department Manager

“My first day at P&G, I had to manage a night shift at a distribution center, and oversee nearly 400,000 products coming in and out.”

Risham, Senior Purchasing Manager

"I have never felt, not even one single day, that the work I was doing was not leading to something important”

I joined P&G as a process engineer in one of P&G’s CSR programs. Two years later, I moved on to my second assignment as a Supply Network Operations Leader, which was a steep learning curve with lots of new skills to be gained. As this role expanded, I acquired knowledge and experience in Industry 4.0 and manufacturing of the future. Now, in my current role, I enjoy new challenges and experiences every day.


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