Feel empowered as of Day 1
in a company that genuinely
​​​​​​​cares for its employees & consumers

P&G is driven to make life better—not just within the company, but across the globe. From Day 1, we committed to doing the best by each other—for our employees, our consumers, and for people everywhere. As a part of the P&G team, you will share in that commitment.

​​​​​​​P&G aims to be a model global corporate citizen. We are known as a company that is governed responsibly and behaves ethically. We are transparent in our business dealings, and we work to support good causes. We protect the environment, and provide an appealing place to work where our employees are treated well, and are given the opportunity to be all that they can be.

Our aspiration is clear. We want to be a force for good and a force for growth. We know that the more we integrate and build Citizenship into how we do business, the bigger the impact P&G can have on the people we serve, the communities where we live and work and the broader world that surrounds us. In turn, this helps us grow and build our business.

Citizenship at P&G falls into five efforts. Learn more about our commitment to each by clicking below:


At P&G we are committed to being a good corporate citizen, we make superior quality products and use every ounce of their power to make a difference. Our employees help us carry out this task through their daily behaviors and unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. We refuse to neglect our reputation of trust and integrity, and our actions prove that we do what we say we will. We are further guided by our Purpose, Values & Principles, which are the foundation of our unique culture:
Our brands play a unique role in the world, improving the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come.
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing is the only thing
  • Leadership: We Lead in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to delivering results, and a clear vision of where we are going.
  • Ownership: We accept personal accountability to meet our business needs, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness.
  • Passion for Winning: We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most
  • Trust: We work from a foundation of trust having confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions
  • Universal respect drives every core belief
  • The interests of the company and the individual are inseparable
  • We are strategically focused in our work
  • Innovation is the cornerstone of our success
  • We value mastery
  • We seek to be the best

Why I joined P&G?

Thibault Trancourt’s story: Inclusion for all
P&G+Me=Mutual Success


​​​​​​​We are focused on making an impact in the communities we serve from our employee community, to those in the towns, cities and countries we touch. Our brands touch the lives of nearly five billion people, and we are there when our products matter more than ever. We provide the comforts of home in times of disaster and bring the power of clean water to people who need it most. We focus where we can uniquely bring value and where our brands and people can make the biggest difference. Below are a few of the community impact programs that our incredible employees brought to life.

Children's safe drinking water program

​​​​​P&G launched our Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program in 2004 and now work with over 150 partners around the world to distribute P&G Purifier of Water packets and provide more than 20 billion liters of water to those who need it most. This simple-to-use technology is all thanks to one of our scientists who discovered a way to clean dirty water and make it drinkable. This idea has helped nearly 1 billion people who struggle with finding clean drinking water every day.

Our commitment to global communities

For generations, P&G and our brands have united to support consumers and communities through unexpected challenges, emergencies and in times of need. In the past year, P&G has responded to more than 30 disasters across the globe with financial support, products and services to meet these unexpected needs.
Every year in the US, half a million babies are born prematurely. When Susan Ludwig, Creator of the Pampers Preemie Diaper, learned that parents of these babies did not have access to a preemie-sized diaper, she got to work.

“I thought if anybody has the technology, the creativity and the passion to make this diaper, it was us.”

P&G partnered with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurses to design and introduce a diaper that is three sizes smaller than newborn diapers to fit the tiniest premature babies who weigh as little as one pound.
We have a very close partnership with Feeding America®, who distribute household essentials and personal care items as well as wholesome food. In just two years, we've donated 15 million Pampers diapers and 10 million baby wipes, as well as basic essential products like Crest, Gillette, Charmin, and Pantene.
United Way of Greater Cincinnati improves the lives of 365,000 people a year in 10 counties across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Together, we ensure our community has access to good jobs, education and healthcare because we know when those needs are met, everyone has an opportunity to thrive. P&G, its employees, and retirees donated more than $10,000,000 to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.


​​​​​​​We aspire to be as diverse as the people who use our products, because the more we reflect our consumers, the better equipped we are to understand and serve them. We strive each day for every P&Ger to be valued, included, and able to perform at their peak. We win when everyone brings their unique self to work, when we bring out the best in each other, and when every talent is used and every voice is heard.


P&G does not shy away from a challenge, and we are proud to take a stand on breaking down inequality driven by racial bias. We decided to step up and use our voice to shine the light on racial bias, continuing our efforts to create a better world for everyone, with equal representation, equal voice and equal opportunity — regardless of background. The Talk illustrates that, while times have changed, racial bias still exists. It’s time we #TalkAboutBias #MyBlackisBeautiful​​​​​​​


We aspire to build a better world for all of us — inside and outside P&G; a world free from bias and with equal voice and equal representation for all individuals. A world where everyone sees equal. We know that gender equality contributes to stronger economies, healthier communities and thriving businesses.

"We are committed to honoring the individuality and unique contributions of our people and ensuring that every single employee shows up to work as their whole, authentic self and feels safe in doing so."

Shelly McNamara
Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer

We believe this makes P&G not only a great place to work but also a stronger company because it is through diversity of thinking that we become more in touch with the consumers we serve. To holistically serve consumers in ways that matter and resonate with them, we need to create the kind of diverse and inclusive culture that has been proven, time and again, to give life to the best thoughts and ideas.

Empowering Women-Owned and Women-Led Businesses

As a global company with a broad portfolio of trusted brands, we have the potential to provide diverse businesses with meaningful growth opportunities and accelerate economic inclusion and equity. Just as we know a diverse organization leads to better problem-solving and innovation, so does a diverse supply chain. We are committed to increasing our global spend with diverse- and women-owned and led businesses to $5 billion annually by 2030. In September 2021, we shared that we had surpassed $3 billion! One of the ways we are hard at work is increasing our investment with women-owned and led businesses throughout the world. We have many great partners to enable this, including WEConnect International. Through P&G’s Supplier Diversity efforts, in partnership with WEConnect International, over the past 5 years, we’ve trained more than 1,000 women entrepreneurs in 10 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Several participants have become P&G’s external business partners or suppliers and accelerated their own business growth thanks to their newly acquired skills. This also has had a ripple effect throughout the region. Inspired by P&G’s aspiration, many of our suppliers, agencies, and partners have employed more women in key positions within their organizations, including roles in manufacturing, logistics support, and media production, where gender bias has limited opportunities for women in the past.


Environmental Sustainability is not a new concept for P&G. We incorporate it into our way of doing business, as we have for decades. We see it as our responsibility, as well as a business opportunity, and want to ensure no one has to choose between the products they use and enjoy today, and what they hope to preserve for tomorrow.
of our consumer packaging is designed to be recyclable or reusable
renewable electricity globally
3.3 billion
Litres of water are recycled and reused in P&G facilities annually
manufacturing waste to landfill
of our paper packaging to be either recycled or third-party certified virgin content
P&G is also a proud supporter of The Recycling Partnership’s Polypropylene Recycling Coalition. This industry collaboration recently led to the upgrading of polypropylene rigid containers as “Widely Recyclable” by the How2Recycle program (effective July 2022). This designation is the result of enrolling the full plastics recycling value chain to work together and increase the rate of recycling on this resin which is widely used in packaging and finished goods. Our efforts to advance the state of recycling through innovation paired with external collaborations via licensing and supporting industry-wide efforts are truly advancing the circularity and reuse of plastic resins.

Ambition 2030 goals


Use the power of innovation, along with our brands, to delight consumers and drive positive impact.

We will ensure 100% of our leadership brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption

We will ensure 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable

We will build even greater trust through transparency, ingredient innovation, and sharing our safety science

Reduce our footprint and strive for circular solutions.

We will protect and enhance the forests we depend upon

We will improve livelihoods of palm smallholders by increasing yields from existing lands

Create transformative partnerships that enable people, the planet and our business to thrive.

We will find solutions so that no P&G packaging will finds its way to the ocean

We will protect water for people and nature in priority basins

​​​​​​​We will advance recycling solutions for Absorbent Hygiene Products

Engage and equip P&G employees to build sustainability thinking and practices into their work and their communities.

We will integrate social and environmental sustainability as a key strategy in our business plans

We will educate employees across all levels

​​​​​​​We will reward progress and integrate recognition in the individual’s performance assessment

Building a Water Positive
Future Together with Cascade

Cascade is helping to reduce daily water use in households across the U.S. by encouraging people to skip pre-rinsing dishes and run the dishwasher every night. Contrary to popular belief, the dishwasher uses four gallons of water per cycle, while the sink can use the same amount in just two minutes.

With an innovative formula containing enzymes that latch on to and break down food particles, Cascade Platinum provides a superior clean without the pre-wash.

By skipping the sink and choosing the dishwasher, households can save up to 100 gallons of water per week.