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Tired of browsing through hundreds of jobs? Use your LinkedIn profile to search for jobs quickly
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P&G facilitates your search via TalentBrew, a job matching tool developed by TMP Worldwide. TalentBrew uses the LinkedIn application to extract job relevant information from a user’s LinkedIn profile (name, email, city, experience, education, skills & endorsements, recommendations, accomplishments and interests). P&G processes your data pursuant to its Candidate Privacy Notice.

We use that information to run an automated keyword-based comparison against P&G’s job descriptions and then present our available roles sorted by order of relevancy to your qualifications. The encrypted user data is only cached within our servers for 24 hours to save time for returning users. We do not access, process or store this information except to provide the job matching service

Top 10 Interview tips
Top 10 Interview tips

Top 10 Interview tips

How can I have a successful interview with P&G?

here are our Top 10 tips to help you impress us when we get to meet you. 

  1. Get Comfy with the Role
    Hiring the best possible talent for our teams is a strategic priority for P&G. Our leaders take great care in tailoring job postings to fit their specific needs, and to attract a diverse group of qualified applicants. Spend time getting to know the job posting in detail, focusing on both the broad scope of responsibilities, as well as the bulleted details.
  2. Do Your Research
    P&G is a multi-faceted, global organization with 95,000 employees across the world. Each individual plays an extremely important role, but our job postings can only hold so much information. Visit our Career Areas to learn about how the opportunity you are targeting fits into the larger P&G picture. Take a look to our Hiring Process and watch our videos for a glimpse into daily life of a future potential-colleague 
  3. Tailor Your Approach
    Every one of our colleagues brings something unique and special to P&G. Let your personal brand shine by highlighting experience that most closely fits the role you are targeting. Use pointed examples on your resume, including metrics and accomplishments that clearly demonstrate your expertise and intended career trajectory.
  4. Gather Supporting Materials
    You are more than your list of bulleted accomplishments, and P&G is a place that encourages you to bring your whole personality to work each day. Think about online portfolios, successful product launches, or community-efforts that speak to your drive to succeed, both in and outside of work. Put together a concise package of samples that capture your specific contributions, and get ready to share your work with the interview team.
  5. Prepare Your Responses
    At P&G, you can expect meaningful work from Day 1 that could impact millions of lives across brands and continents. Think through your accomplishments to date, and get excited to tell us about realized outcomes, what you learned, and the overall impact of your achievements. We’ll ask about your experience as it relates to our particular need - don’t be shy about your contributions thus far. Find out more about Interviewing at P&G here.
  6. Enter with Confidence
    As a member of the P&G team, you’ll have the ability to approach projects and tasks with autonomy, along with the support from your peers and leaders. Let your confidence in your own abilities signal to your interview team that you are up for any challenge that crosses your path.
  7. Be Yourself
    Each member of the P&G team brings a one-of-kind perspective and approach to our well-rounded global team. We look at your past experiences, as well as your future potential, and aim to create an opportunity that feels like it’s handcrafted for your future. Help us understand what success looks like from your perspective by giving us a true look into what motivates and challenges you.
  8. Ask Pointed Questions
    Our interview process is not only a way for us to learn about you and your career goals - it’s also your chance to make sure that our ambitions match yours. Come to your interview prepared to ask questions about growth potential, social responsibility, diversity efforts, and leadership styles at P&G. Spend time thinking about what you want from your employer in each of these areas to see how we align.
  9. Follow-up Promptly
    We view every interview as a moment to make a great impression, both as a potential employer and as a leading consumer brand. We aim to exceed your expectations with every interaction. If there is something that stood out from our conversation, a tidbit that you forgot to mention, or simply a ‘thank-you’ that you’d like to extend to your interview team, we encourage you to do shortly after your interview in order to reiterate your interest in P&G.
  10. Learn & Grow
    Regardless of the interview outcome, we never cease to see the world around us as a limitless opportunity for improvement. If now is not the time for us to work together, don’t let that stop you from applying to P&G down the road. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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