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“I can continue my mission to make lives better here”


Previous Military Experience: U.S. Army Infantryman, Communication Specialist and Medical Logistician

"I chose P&G because our military values coincide with our company values. Our missions are the same, and that’s to ‘touch lives’ and ‘improve life.’ Our brigade at Fort Hood, Texas deployed many of our units to regions around the world to render aid and support for communities that were in distress. We successfully relieved these communities through teamwork and a dedication to one goal, which was to ‘touch’ and ‘improve’ a life. This is exactly what we do on a daily basis at P&G. We work as a team and focus on strategies that will grow our business and, most importantly, improve the lives of our consumers. Diversity is our strength because it gets everyone involved to evaluate our mission from all different perspectives, which allows us to innovate keys to winning. This is also exactly the method that our U.S. military embraces, because we all share that same passion for winning. It was a proven formula for success throughout my military career and one of the reasons that we have the greatest military force in the world. I am very proud to have served honorably and join a company such as P&G that shares these similar traits and values. We are implementing a proven philosophy that's making the lives of billions easier every day. Just another great shift at P&G."