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Research & Development

R&D professionals at P&G work with advanced technology to create products that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. Our brands are trusted in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms—and have been recommended for generations. Over the course of more than 180 years, our brands and innovation have challenged convention, solved consumer tensions, and helped shape culture.

When you’re a part of P&G R&D, you’re part of a diverse group of innovative, multi-skilled individuals working at the forefront of product development that will delight consumers and help P&G win. Our teams consist of scientific experts, including dermatologists, toxicologists, and more. We also have an extremely talented team of mechanical, chemical, and data science engineers. These bright minds come together to innovate some of the world’s most well-known brands, like Gillette and Olay, and deliver breakthrough, scientifically-sound products that are just right for billions of consumers. From Day 1.

We’re looking to hire some serious talent for our R&D team, so browse our open positions and find a role that fits your educational background and skill set. If you’re excited about using integrative thinking to take on tough business problems and ready to flex your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, a P&G R&D career could be the perfect fit for you.


At P&G R&D, you’ll help us connect with consumers to understand their product and packaging needs, develop product formulas, establish and assess competitive product performance, and so much more. Whatever your level, role, team, or brand you work on, your input will have a direct impact on our products, consumers’ lives, the business and even the future of our industry.


If you’re a current student studying for your first degree, there are two ways that you can gain experience with P&G R&D: student programs and internships.

  • Internships

    P&G research and development internships vary from market to market. P&G R&D interns have enjoyed a Q&A with our scientists and engineers, practiced the skills needed to be successful by collaborating with other international students and experienced R&D managers, and gained insight into the typical day of a member of our team.

  • Student Programs

    In addition to a wide range of internships, we also offer student programs that give you a glimpse into what it means to be a P&Ger, show you what the different roles are, and give you a chance to interact with P&G executives.


Early Careers

If you’re a recent graduate you can either apply for one of our internships, or if you’re ready to become a research and development professional, you can also explore our entry level roles. We have positions for BA, MA, Associate Degree and PhD level applicants. Whichever path to P&G you choose, you’ll receive real responsibility and carry out engaging work that will make a meaningful impact—on our consumers, our business, and your career from Day 1.

Experienced Professionals

We truly value the energy, skills, and new perspectives that experienced hires like you bring into the business. We’re always interested in recruiting extraordinary people who can hit the ground running, introduce us to new ways of working, and make us stronger. We have positions for BA, MA, Associate Degree and PhD level applicants. If you have a strong background in an R&D discipline, are a true lifelong learner, and want to expand your knowledge, impact, and reputation, a role with us could be just what you need to further your career.

  • R&D That’s Truly End-to-End

    Discover how Egle’s work in Oral Care touches multiple areas of the business as she develops new products and brings new initiatives to life.

Our Innovative Approach To R&D

Since P&G’s founding in 1837, innovation has been our lifeblood. We’re proud to say that behind every brand is robust science and advanced technology. We’re talking cutting-edge equipment, "hands-on" labs and pilot plants, and 41,000+ active patents.

There are 13 P&G innovation centers globally where our amazing teams carry out the research, development, refinement, testing, and perfection of some of the world’s most well-known brands, like SK-II, Ariel, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Charmin, and more.

P&G is a powerhouse of data that helps our teams tap into the needs of consumers all over the world. We start research and development by first exploring and understanding consumer needs. Through this, we can generate ideas for innovative, new products and bring amazing science into consumer’s lives every day.

From the world’s first fluoride toothpaste, to the world’s first heated razor, P&G Research & Development is how we’re able to improve more lives in more meaningful ways—now and for generations to come.


    Our innovations build brands, shape markets and improve products. Our multi-skilled Gillette team combined consumer insight, technical expertise and precision engineering to design, develop and launch a technologically-advanced razor that swivels with the contours of the face to deliver a closer and smoother shave—and a better consumer experience.

    Watch Gilette Flexball Video

    Each of us at P&G has an innovative spirit, and that’s reflected in everything we do. From product development decisions to groundbreaking research, our high-caliber people are always looking to advance ideas and push forward into the future. As just one example, for Olay, we carried out the largest skin-aging genome study in history.

    Watch the secrets of ageless skin video
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R&D Career Paths

There are two different career paths to follow in R&D at P&G: Research, and Scientist & Engineer. These professionals collaborate on a wide range of projects that include everything from material or packaging development and product research, to data & modelling, product innovation, and bioscience.

  • Scientist & Engineer Career Path

    There are two branches within this career track. One is primarily a management career, where you will eventually manage new product development projects and R&D organization. The other is a technical career, where you’ll build high technical expertise in specific areas, and lead innovations that are important for business from a technical aspect.

  • Researcher Career Path

    As a technical specialist in product development, you will eventually become a core carrier of P&G's technical resources that solve technology-related problems in product development.

Disciplines In R&D

There are various disciplines within the R&D organization, with each discipline charged with investing in the development of key capabilities and technologies that are critical to the future of P&G R&D. We build technical mastery through these disciplines, which is essential for breakthrough innovation. Examples of these disciplines include:

Products Research Discipline

Innovation Center Operations Discipline

Data & Modeling Science Discipline

Packaging Discipline

BioSciences Discipline


R&D is involved in all stages of the design process, from conception to presentation of the finished plans. We have several areas in R&D at P&G. Our roles cover everything from process or product development, material or packaging development, modeling and simulation, data science, and more.

  • Research Roles

    Packaging Research

    • Learn and familiarize yourself with one or more core packaging technologies (ISBM, EMB, Cartons, Flexibles, Corrugate, Decoration, Injection Molding, etc.)
    • Execute established methods and procedures for packaging development
    • Develop films, corrugate, foil, or material for consumer products and manufacturing processes
    • Conduct tests of new technologies or products using state-of-the-art equipment

    Product Research

    • Craft and carry out consumer research studies
    • Conduct research in laboratories, consumer homes, and other relevant spaces
    • Convert ideas, concepts, and technologies into commercial processes

    Analytical Laboratory

    • Perform established methods and test procedures
    • Utilize a variety of instrumentation to deliver accurate and reproducible results
    • Conduct tests of new technologies or products using state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of research and development applications
    • Carry out assay and model development, efficacy testing, and product evaluations

    Pilot Research Lab

    • Work on various pilot plant assets
    • Collaborate seamlessly with other multi-functional groups
    • Operate, build, and repair process equipment
    • Material yield accounting and document key equipment setting needed to execute customer test plans to allow scale up learning for manufacturing process


    • Develop material and product formulation of consumer products and manufacturing processes
    • Conducting tests of new technologies or products using state-of-the-art equipment
    • Perform established product formulation, material development and specifications
    • Execute experiment orders (EOs) test procedures and produce reliable, reproducible results
  • Science Roles

    Associate Scientist

    • Use and grow their understanding of science/engineering to deliver innovation
    • Develop sufficient proficiency in procedural work and expertise in application work
    • Combine hands-on experimentation with scientific principles and knowledge
    • Drive foundational technical understanding and solve technical problems
    • Deliver technical outputs which address critical innovation challenges

    Scientist (PhD entry level)

    • Guide and influence technical project direction and solve significant technical problems
    • Create advances in science, technology, engineering, and/or capability that result in new and/or improved products, packages, processes, materials, consumer insights, or methodologies
    • Gain exposure to and demonstrate initial proficiency in performing integration work
    • Deliver, develop, and implement experimental ideas and high-quality data
    • Prepare clear technical reports, publications, and presentations

    Senior Scientist

    • Activities can span a continuum of application to integration work depending on business need and individual skill profile
    • Broad project responsibilities to co-create and influence the strategic direction of research
    • Initiate, lead, and perform hands-on technology/capability/method development in order to deliver key technical initiatives
    • Direct the technical work of others and lead cross-discipline teams as needed
  • Engineering Roles

    Formulation Engineer

    • Develop formulas that deliver breakthrough performance
    • Use chemical and biological technology to drive technical advantages
    • Work across a variety of areas, including household cleaning, absorbency, health and wellbeing, and beauty and grooming products

    Products Research Engineer

    • Connect with consumers to understand their needs
    • Translate insights into technical requirements and prototypes
    • Consider both product needs and packaging experiences

    Process Engineer

    • Convert ideas, concepts, and technologies into commercially feasible chemical and mechanical processes

    Packaging Engineer

    • Collaborate with other R&D experts, advertising, art, package design, manufacturing and suppliers
    • Develop technically sophisticated packages
    • Develop improved delivery systems
  • Data Roles*

    Data Scientist

    • Lead multiple projects using machine learning tools
    • Provide support and direction to more junior data scientists
    • Work as part of a diverse, global team to find outstanding solutions
    • Use tools such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, OpenCV, and tools you build or identify to solve business problems

    Data Engineer

    • Develop and maintain scalable data pipelines that can handle numerous data streams and batches
    • Support and collaborate with data scientists who are developing advanced machine learning and statistical models
    • Evaluate tools and develop pipelines to capture, integrate, and clean data to support edge analytics solutions
    • Deliver optimal data solution architectures, automation, and technology choices starting from experimentation through proof of concept, and often through delivery

    * If you don’t see the data analysis role you’re looking for, you should also check out opportunities within product supply and IT, where you could play a huge role in warehousing, Manufacturing of the Future, company-wide IT systems, digital innovation, and more.

Career Growth

The training you receive will depend on your career level, role, job type and time with P&G. When you first join the company, you’ll experience a new hire orientation across all functions, as well as dedicated R&D onboarding to equip you with necessary knowledge to quickly start your role.

From the second year onwards, the number of trainings available will increase and vary based on needs and purpose. By working with your manager, you’ll identify which skills and knowledge you need to progress along your chosen career track, and then pursue the learning and development activities required to fulfil those—and to fulfil your career aspirations.

  • "3D printing, Thermoforming and injection molding Bring my ideas to life" clara, packaging engineer

    My very first project within R&D at P&G was to help launch Ariel 3-in-1 pods – a world-first product. Today, I explore different materials, processes, and designs to develop packaging that stands out, protects our product, can be shipped and displayed in different markets, and delivers the best consumer experience. This all requires many technologies, such as 3D printing, thermoforming, injection molding, and a range of resins. My work is strategic, highly technical, and very creative.

    READ Clara’s Story >
  • "Products On The Shelves Would’ve Been Completely Different Without My Input" Tamara, R&D – Product Research

    My first assignment was within Fabric Care (Laundry). Within my first month, I lead a 30-person consumer test to define the new perfume for a detergent. Using the results of this test, we implemented the consumer-preferred change. Within my first six months, I was responsible for defining the future strategy of a laundry detergent and leading the product’s upgrade. Within 12 months, I was able to go to the shops and purchase the product that I had designed and qualified for launch!

    Read Tamara’s Story >
  • 6,900

    scientists and engineers based all over the world

  • 37K

    Active Patents

  • $1.98B

    invested in R&D every year

  • 900+



We have multiple roles and positions in P&G R&D, each requiring different levels of education, experience and technical skills. All applicants must meet the requirements of a role in order to be considered, while Master’s degree applicants are measured against separate criteria and will experience a separate application process compared with applicants with other qualifications.

Our technical areas for product development are mainly chemistry and chemical engineering, while there are also categories where you can leverage the technical knowledge of mechanical engineering, pharmacology, biology, among others. So we don’t look for specific majors in R&D candidates; you just need a rigorous education in a scientific field. It’s more important that you meet P&G's recruiting criteria and fulfil the required degree level (BA, PhD etc.).

Because we want P&G employees to develop an in-depth career within one function, we tend not to encourage cross-functional changes or provide rotations. But you will still gain a vast amount of knowledge in your chosen function through multiple tasks and experiences.

At P&G, we’re committed to individual development planning in a very personalized way that enables you to continually grow. We take a 70/20/10 approach to learning, which breaks down into experience-based (70%); via your colleagues, mentors and peers (20%); and through structured courses and materials (10%). This approach means you’ll be able to dive into meaningful work and make an impact on your career and the company from Day 1.

We design packaging and formulas with the intent of serving the global market. However, consumer needs vary by regions and countries, so we develop products to meet those specific consumer needs. For example, we adjust shampoo formulas to best suit the different hair types in different regions, and we change fragrances (perfumes) to meet consumer preferences around the world.

You will be assigned to your initial category or group during the recruiting process. We assess the needs of each product category at the time, and match those with each candidate’s capabilities, scientific background, and career interests.


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