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Student programs at P&G include workshops, forums, and classes, as well as hackathons, seminars, summits, training sessions, and the sought-after and competitive P&G CEO Challenge. These programs offer focused learning in a range of areas, from engineering and sales to popular topics in today’s business world.

P&G student programs are a great option for students not yet ready for an internship but who are still looking for valuable insights and a unique experience. What you learn and do could set you up well for a later P&G internship—and from there, you could work your way up to P&G leadership.

While participating in any of these events, you’ll gain practical knowledge that can be used during your studies and future career. You’ll learn more about the culture, structure, and best practices within P&G, as well as the career opportunities and training we provide. We’re passionate about our people’s growth, so joining us will give you access to unparalleled development programs that will set your career off on the right foot and keep it going for years to come.

Join us to start developing important skills that will be key to your future success.

As well as student programs, we also offer internships and early career opportunities.

P&G internships give you the opportunity to meet senior leadership, network with industry experts, and work on real projects like a true P&Ger—all while receiving a competitive pay and having fun with interns like you.

If you’re a recent graduate, you could join one of our internships—which could act as a stepping-stone into a full-time role with us. If you’re ready to commit to P&G and want just as much support, but more responsibility than an internship would give you, you should think about applying for an entry-level position.

This is your chance to quickly gain an overview of some of the business and technical challenges and situations real P&Gers experience every day.

Each student program is different, but each gives you the opportunity to decide if P&G is a good fit for you. You’ll explore what life is really like in our industry, connect with key P&G executives and senior leadership, and get a glimpse of our best practices, structure, and learning and development offering. What’s more, this could even lead to an internship interview or set you up for a future full-time role.

If you have strong leadership skills, want to showcase your talents, and want to know more about the working world, there are many reasons why you should apply for one of our great student programs.

  • “Day in the life” view

    Get an inside look at what different areas of our business do on a daily basis.

  • career area, skillset or business topic

    Gain knowledge on what interests you through focused events.

  • Leadership development

    See how our approach to training helps P&Gers become industry leaders.

  • Resume builder

    Attending one of our student programs looks great on your resume.

  • Network with global P&G leaders & students

    Learn from our experts, raise your profile, and start building your professional network.

You’ll learn how your education can play a big role at P&G, gain knowledge that could shape your career plans, and learn directly from company leaders about succeeding in our industry.

gibson gibson

“I attended the seminar myself many years ago–and now I run them”

Dr. Gibbons, PhD Seminar Dean

A really critical part of the student programs is how they help students see where they could fit in at P&G, and what their future could look like here. One of the key aims of the seminars is for students to have a chance to explore what life is like in this industry, and to realize that they have a lot more to offer than they might think.

molly molly

“One seminar, three years and three roles later, I’m still here and still growing”

Molly, Global Fabric Care Fabric Enhancers and Heavy Duty Liquid Platform cost analyst

I attended the Finance Accounting & Tax Seminar (FACT) in August 2007 where I learned about key roles at P&G directly from the people who do the work. It also helped me find out how to best prepare for the internship interview at the end of the seminar.

From the opportunity to tackle genuine business challenges and learn what our industry is all about, to the chance to interact with our P&G leaders and start building your professional network, our student programs are a great way to explore your career options. This is your chance to experience the real-life projects and situations you could be handling in the workplace, as well as get a sense of the training curricula and tools P&G offers.

You can expect to experience the culture at P&G, interact with other top students, interact with talented P&Gers, and in some cases, interview for an internship or full-time job.

P&G student programs are perfect for people with little knowledge of the company or those not ready for an internship. Student programs introduce current students to P&G and the careers on offer here, while internships involve hands-on, business-critical assignments where students and recent graduates work as though they were full-time P&Gers.

Since qualifications and processes vary by program, please see program page for specifics.

P&G student programs, as well as our internships, are adapted to meet the needs of their locations. So, depending on where you are in the world, you will have the option to participate in events and programs in person, virtually, or maybe both.


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From meeting students from all over the world and showcasing your skills to top P&Gers, to the chance of winning a trip to the global finals, the P&G CEO Challenge is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.